Samsung is Working on an Affordable Foldable Smartphone

It becomes quite clear that foldable design could be the trend of the future. One huge obstacle for this technology is the outrageous prices of foldable smartphone models. However, as the technology becomes more mature and components are mass produced, we could foresee the future appearances of cheaper devices with foldable design. It took a lot of money and a long time to develop this technology. Microsoft developed the dual-display Surface for five years. It was expensive enough that Huawei lost up to $70 million on the Mate Xs model. It is certainly a good thing because vendors are scaling up production and making technological breakthroughs. So, we can surely to see a real price drop among future foldable smartphones. The Samsung-oriented information source, SamMobile reported recently that the South Korean company is developing a cheaper foldable smartphone. The device even already has an internal codename, SM-F415.

There is still limited information about this device so far, but we do know that there will be options for 64GB and 128GB internal storage. There are various colour options, including black, green and blue. However, we should take this rumour with a grain of salt. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be priced at $900 and this new affordable foldable device will be cheaper than that. The original Galaxy Fold was released at $1,980; while the Galaxy Z Flip is available for $1,380. The Motorola Razr is also quite pricey with its foldable design, sold for $1,499; although it’s internally a mid-tier device. In short, it is quite evident that Samsung is planning to dominate in the foldable smartphone market. We should expect the device to include a humble internal chipset and mid-tier photography solution.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is another upcoming foldable smartphone from Samsung and it will be somewhat more expensive at $900. The full display size will be 7.7-inch with AMOLED panel. It will have 120Hz refresh rate and 2213 x 1689 screen resolution. Compared to the original Galaxy Z Fold, the diagonal of the display is 0.4 inch longer. Based on the screen area, the Z Fold 2 has 13.5 percent larger display. Despite using ultra-thin glass layer, the display promises extra rigidity.

We are also expecting another new foldable smartphone from Motorola and the launch event may take place on September 9. The company hasn’t confirmed anything major about the device, but a teaser design hinted about how the next-generation Moto RAZR foldable model will look like. It’s rumoured that the device will be sold as the Motorola RAZR 5G. Visually, the new foldable RAZR looks like any smartphone today. It means that the upcoming Motorola device will still have hinge mechanism like the current model, however it won’t be as creaky or stiff. Also, it appears that the notch is also smaller and it ensures an extra space. The design doesn’t seem to show a fingerprint sensor. Another rumour said that the new Motorola RAZR will have 6.7-inch display, which is slightly bigger compared to the current Motorola model with 6.2-inch display.