Strategy Games That You Should Play On Your Android Smartphone Today

When playing strategy games, you need focus and willpower to be successful. Whether you are leading a battle or managing a kingdom, strategy games can be really enjoyable, regardless of the platform you use. Here are some strategy games that you should consider playing on your mobile device:


Bad North: Jotunn Edition

In this game, your goal is to protect your kingdom against the marauding Nordic horde. It’s a challenging and fun game. You need to be vigilant, because those Vikings can hit you fast and hard. The AI is sneaky and clever enough to look for weaknesses in your defences. Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a great game with cutesy and minimalist art style. With a one-time, $5 upfront cost, you don’t need to deal with microtransactions and ads.



Gwent is originally a mini game added within the popular The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Today, Gwent is a pastime among many mobile users. The Android version of Gwent includes online matchmaking and nice visual overhauls. When playing, you should pay attention closely to your cards, because placement and ability of each card has significant impacts. With your chosen deck, you go against other players and you have the opportunity to redraw some cards. Gwent is a free-to-play game, which requires a lot of planning and strategy to win.


Legends of Runeterra

It’s another spin-off based on a popular gaming universe, the League of Legends. It is a card game that requires you to defeat the opponents by whittling down their main health bar. Just like Gwent, it is simple to play, but requires a lot of strategy to win. Each player gets a turn for attacking the opponent. There are different card categories, such as offense, defence and support. Even if you haven’t played League of Legends before, it’s a card game that you can enjoy playing immediately.



Majesty is a real-time strategy and sim game, which could be a fun time-waster. In this game, you manage a small kingdom to keep it safe. You also need to manage the economy and explore for resources. If you are interested to explore the game further, you can get the Northern Expansion for a new location and content. It’s easy to play Majesty and you can kill time with it on the bus or metro system. You only need to pay $2 to play Majesty without ads and interruptions.



Mindustry isn’t like other re-skinned tower defense games in the Google Play Store. The game offers an extra depth of gameplay and strategy. Other than establishing defences, you also need to protect the supply lines. After playing for a while, you can unlock new technologies. Be aware that you can’t use the same rudimentary strategies, because the AI may eventually figure out how to defeat it and wreck your base.


Mini Metro

The premise is to design an efficient metro system by strategically placing stations and lines. The game is challenging, because you have limited resources. Adding more lines and stations doesn’t guarantee that your system will work smoothly. If you are interested in city-building genre, it is another game that you should enjoy playing.