Band Companion – The Ultimate App for Bands


If you are in a band and you have troubles to keep up with all important things related with your band while delivering quality shows for your audience, there are apps to help you out with this. We looked and found one convenient companion app for bands to stay on top of their band at all times. Read more about Band Companion.


What is Band Companion?

Band Companion Is the ultimate companion app for bands that is developed for IOS users, super convenient and easy to user with a clean user-friendly interface. With the app you can manage your sets and songs on your own or with the members of your band. Focus on delivering the best shows for your audience, organizing and managing your band with ease.


Why Do We Love It?            

This app offers variety of features for managing your band and keeping track with all things related with your band. You can join or create multiple bands using this app. Backing tracks can be uploaded and played as well as the devices of your band members can be controlled using the ActiveSync.

You can manage complete sets and separate songs with ease, and share environment for easy collaboration with the other band members. On the screen you can easily scroll lyrics and select any font you desire for your lyrics. For ultimate consistency, the app offers plus bpm indicator.

Download the app now on App Store to manage your band with ease and deliver the best shows!

Official Website: Band Companion

App Store Download Link: Band Companion