Date & Time Calculator – Advanced Calculator for Dates and Time


Do you ever need quick calculations of time and dates but you are not very good with mathematical operations? Nowadays you have an app for almost anything. We looked and found one advanced date and time calculator for finding interval between dates, calculating exact age or any date or time fast and easy. Read more about Date & Time Calculator.


What is Date & Time Calculator?

Date & Time Calculator is convenient utility app that is developed for IOS users. The app is designed as an advanced date and time calculator with neat design, offering you to make simple math hours operations, add or subtract hours, find interval between two different dates, calculate exact age and more. Also, you can convert time zones, find date and time intervals and more using the app.


Why Do We Love It?

This calculator is offering variety of features for calculating dates and time with ease. Using the app you can instantly find an interval between two dates, making simple calculations on any specific date and time without much effort. This app aside from calculator, is a converter of time zones too and you can easily check time in any location worldwide and convert time between different time zones easily.

This time calculator app stands out from other apps of its kind cause can help you find working business days between two dates with the option to include or exclude weekends to find the remaining days between two dates. With the age calculator feature you can calculate your age down to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Add or subtract years, months and days to any date and quickly get the calculated date you need.

Download the app now on App Store to calculate dates, convert time zones, and much more!

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