Dream Town – Create Your Dream World  


Lovers of building games know that there are many of these games developed for smartphones. If you are looking for a fun and unique building game where you get to build your own town and run it as you like using your skills and imagination, we found one game that offers all this and much more. Read more about Dream Town.  


What is Dream Town? 

Dream Town is a fun and exciting town building game that is developed for IOS users. With this game you get to use your imagination and create your own dream world using lots of decorations, businesses, and houses. Become the mayor of the city and build homes for your citizens, grow foods, earn money and run businesses. Make a wonderful place for living and build a beautiful city on an island.  


Why Do We Love It? 

The game offers variety of options and features. You can design and decorate the city with parks, wonders, roads and more, placing landmarks, growing foods and supplying businesses. Build high-rise buildings and watch your town grow and increase the city population with building residence. Earn coins by placing shops like bakeries, bars, coffee shops and more for your citizens. Build all the necessary buildings for your citizens like post office, fire station, banks, hotels and much more as well as farm houses and markets for your citizens to be happy. Grow your dream town to a mega city by making it home for everyone, building schools, cinemas, theatres and other commercial buildings. Build, decorate and grow your city to a magnificent dream world using your imagination.  

Download the app on App Store to have fun and create your dream world! 

App Store Download Link: Dream Town