Settings To Check On Your New iPhone

Have you just bought a new iPhone? With the various Apple phone plans around these days, it is relatively easy to get your hands on the latest iPhone. It is certainly very exciting to check out all the new features after taking your new phone out of the box. The camera, games and apps are probably the first things you will look at.

However, many of us forget about the settings when we have a new iPhone and leave them on factory settings most of the time. Apple, of course, ensures that the default settings are kept in the best condition so that you can have the optimal user experience. However, everyone’s needs and preferences are different and you may need to change the settings accordingly. Also, a little tweak or reconfiguration can give you a much better experience with your iPhone.

Let’s take a look at the key settings you should check on your new iPhone.


A new iPhone is usually set to a high level of brightness. You should check this option to see how bright it is and reduce it according to your own needs and desires. Keep in mind the higher the brightness setting, the quicker the battery life of the phone will drain. Usually, it is recommended that you choose the middle of the brightness scale.

‘Do Not Disturb’ Option

Many of us take our phone to bed, whether to check the time or to set an alarm. However, sudden buzzing and beeping due to a message or call in the middle of the night can be very disturbing to a good night’s sleep. There is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ option on every iPhone which will keep the phone silent so that you can have quality rest. This option gives you several choices other than turning the control on or off. You can choose to get notifications of messages or calls from certain people so that you don’t miss an emergency call from your loved ones.

Text Size

The default text size is fine for many people, but it’s still a good idea to check this option in the settings. You should increase or decrease the text size according to your comfort level to avoid excessive eye strain. As you will be spending a lot of time on your iPhone reading messages, emails, or even browsing, you should adjust the text size for a comfortable experience.


It is also important to configure the auto-lock feature on your iPhone. This is a very useful option that you can enable by going to the settings menu. If this option is enabled, you won’t need to press the power button after using the phone or putting it in your pocket.

Sometimes people forget to press the power button to lock the phone when putting it in their handbag or pocket and so the phone remains active, which has two main disadvantages. First of all, the battery life decreases fast. Secondly, you may end up calling someone by mistake in a classic “butt dial”. The auto-lock feature will save you from such accidents and keep your phone’s battery in good condition.

Touch ID

Modern iPhones have a fingerprint sensor that allows you to unlock the phone with the touch of your finger. You can now configure this Touch ID to several fingers, instead of just one. To do that you’ll need to go to the settings menu and add more finger options.

Location Services

There is a location service option that allows you to share your location in case of using certain apps. If you are using Uber or similar apps that need to find your location to provide a service, then you should turn this option on. But for non-essential apps, you don’t need to give away information about your whereabouts: not only is this a privacy concern, but it will drain the battery unnecessarily. You should go to the settings option to find out which apps location service is enabled. Simply disable it on the apps you don’t need it for.

‘Today’ Display

This is the first display you see when you swipe your iPhone. It takes you to the notification center so that you can read messages, missed call alerts, or notifications from different apps. You can customize this screen by going to the settings option and add notifications you want to receive or delete the ones you don’t want to see. 

‘Type to Siri’ Option

Siri is a very prominent feature of modern iPhones. You can speak to Siri to conveniently make a call or ask for handy information. However, when you are on the road background noise can mean that Siri might not hear you properly. Also,  there are certain situations when you won’t be able to talk to Siri which is where the ‘Type to Siri’ option in the settings menu comes in. If you enable it, you will be able to type to Siri if you choose.

These are some important settings that you should check on your new iPhone to personalize and optimize your experience. By customizing the settings according to your preferences, you will be able to use the iPhone more productively and enjoy a better overall experience.