How to check that your Android device is safe and does not have any virus threats on it

How to check that your Android device is safe and does not have any virus threats on it

Android is the most popular mobile operating system that provides full customization to its users. As compared to iOS, the security of Android can easily be compromised. However, it is not like that you can’t keep your Android device secure and free from threats. There are many ways using which you can monitor your smartphone’s security. We are sharing the best of them here with you.

How To Check that Your Android Device is Safe?

Google has provided a lot of security and protection measures for all Android users. You just need to be a little aware of these protection measures provided by Google and make use of them to keep your Android device secure and safe. 


Just follow the below tips and you can make sure that your Android device does not have any threats.

Scan Your Device Using a Premium Antivirus

This is important! Get yourself a Premium antivirus app for your Android device. An antivirus will scan for potential viruses and malwares. If your Android phone frequently hangs, has unwanted pop up ads, and switches off automatically, there is a possibility that your device contains some malware. 


Although you can find a lot of free antivirus applications in the app store, we would recommend you to get a premium one, most reliable of them are listed here. Because the virus definitions on the free version are limited, it’s best to use a premium antivirus to ensure full protection of your device.

Review Permissions Granted

In the hassle of downloading applications, we hardly think about which permissions we are granting and which not. Therefore it is recommended that you should go back to your applications and check what permissions you have granted to them. If you find anything unusual or objectionable immediately revoke the permissions.


To do this, open the settings of your Android phone. Go to “Advanced settings” and tap on “App permissions”. There you can see a list of categories/permissions that any application can need access to your phone. Simply use the toggle button to turn off the permissions you don’t want to grant to any of the applications installed on your device.

Enable Google Play Protect

The stock Android system provides the facility to scan your device for searching any threats, malwares, or suspicious activity. You don’t need to install any third-party application or add on to do so. It is advisable that you should activate Android’s app Scanning System to check if your phone is protected from unknown apps.


For this, you have to turn on the option of “Google Play Protect” and turn on the option of ‘Scan device for security threats’. Doing this you allow the Android security verification system to check your system security and Wellness. This system is so designed that it will continue to run in the background while you are using your device flawlessly. It will give the push message immediately if any threat is found.

Think Twice Before Downloading APK Files 

It is your responsibility that you should be careful before downloading any application from the web. Google Play Store is the official App Store provided by Android to download apps. So the apps are more secured and protected against any app downloaded from any third party store. 


Apply your common sense before tilting against tempting apps on the web. Google security systems May fail to scan some apps but a little common sense will always take you away from the trouble of unsecured apps.


Take these steps before you download any application.


  • A number of downloads for the App.
  • Check and read user reviews.
  • Think about what permissions it is demanding and how comfortable you are in granting such access.
  • Check the history of the developer and what else he created.

Protect Your Phone With A Password

If you don’t keep your Android phone locked or protected with password, PIN or pattern, start doing it today onwards. It is better to use biometric protection if your phone allows. Keeping a phone unlocked renders your device accessible to anyone in your absence. 


Being Human, it is possible that you may forget your device unattended in the office or at home and someone can peep into it with malicious intentions. It may get you in big trouble. You can avoid the situation if your phone will be locked.


Your phone stores a lot of stuff about you including your email, social media accounts, banking applications, messages, photos, videos, documents, and so on. Avoid being lazy and set a password or it may result in a big loss..

Look for Apps and Services Connected With Your Account

When you download any app from Google Play Store or any third-party App Store, it asks you to grant certain permissions. Review all your apps and connected services and revoke the permissions if you no longer use such applications.


You might not remember which applications have been granted what permissions. So, visit Google’s Security Page Settings and select applications for which you don’t want to give the permissions and hit the “Remove Access” button.

Use A Secure Password Manager

By default, Google offers a password management system that keeps all your passwords safe and secure. It is no doubt a strong security system with advanced and handy useful features.


Decide that as additional security you can also use other options available. We recommend using Password boss. It is a perfect system for managing all your passwords securely with plenty of features available. So far, if you are not using any such services then you must make use of such password management systems. 


Password boss offers many security features like if you don’t want to enter your password in a public space, simply use the save password option without the need to enter it all over again. Plus it gives you the option to automatically lock the application if it remains idle for more than a few seconds. This ensures that your device is safe and secure.