New Features of iOS 14

iOS 14

After a few months of beta testing, finally, the iOS 14 is available for updates. If you are planning to update your iOS device, here are major new features that you should know.

Homescreen widgets: iOS 14 allows us to add widgets on the Homescreen. The homescreen will no longer be populated by only icons and you can add widgets from Apple and third party developers. Users can put multiple widgets to the Home screen. There are built-in widgets that iOS 14 users can use, including calendar, batteries, fitness, files, clock, reminders, podcasts, photos, notes, news, music, maps, TV, stocks, Siri suggestions, shortcuts, screen time, reminders, weather and tips.

App library: With App library, it is now very easy for users to organize their apps in a user-friendly interface. It is very helpful if you want to better control your iOS device in any situation. It is now possible to delete the app icon on the homescreen, without uninstalling the app itself. The app is still within the system and you can re-create the icon later. It means, your iPhone interface will be much organized and cleaner. If you have dozens of apps installed, you don’t have to show them all.

Picture-in-Picture: It’s another major enhancement for iOS devices. With picture-in-picture support, it is possible to watch multiple videos on a single screen. Arguably, this feature works better on the iPad with its larger screen, but if you want to get something done without interrupting your current task on the iPhone, it should be a very convenient feature to have.
4k support for YouTube: With iOS 14, it is now possible to play 4k videos on YouTube. When opening YouTube, you could choose the 2160p resolution to enable the 4k mode.

Better incoming call management: When there’s an incoming call, it won’t take over your whole display. Instead, there’s a small call bar on top of the interface. You can easily reject or accept the call, without causing you to delay your current task. It can be a small change, but actually very convenient and it has become a long-time request among iOS users.

Small Siri interface: Siri is redesigned in iOS 14 and Siri will no longer occupy the entire interface. The Siri interface will be displayed on the bottom of the display. Again, you can multitask to use Siri, while doing other tasks. It’s also a very convenient enhancement, because you can get any information while doing productivity task.

Change default web browser and email app: With iOS 14, Safari will no longer be the only default browser. It is now possible to choose Chrome or other third-party web browsers as default. By default, all links will be opened by the new default browser. Also, if you prefer it, you can change the default Mail app with a third-party app that works better in your opinion. Some companies assign proprietary email app for their employees for safety concerns, so it will be convenient to make it as the default email app.