Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 As Gaming Device

Many people prefer to play games with a tablet, due to the larger display. It is easier to see small objects and controls are often easier to use. However, tablets are often too bulky and you can’t put it into your pocket or purse. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 combines the compactness of smartphone and the more expansive display of a tablet. Many avid mobile gamers are wondering whether it’s a good idea to get a Galaxy Z Fold 2 for gaming purpose. The fact that the device is especially expensive, people want to make sure that they make a good buying decision. When unfolded, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 offers a spacious 7.6-inch display. When you fold it, it will turn into a regular-sized smartphone. It’s convenient to use and for younger users, it looks stylish too. But should you buy Galaxy Z Fold 2 for gaming?

Without doubt, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a powerful device and it can handle any game out there. As an example, when playing PUBG Mobile, you can set it to Ultra HD resolution at High frame rate. The game should run smoothly and you won’t notice any frame drop. However, you need to customize the placement of controls, so it is more convenient to reach them when the action gets quite intense. For lovers of racing games, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is also very smooth to use. Asphalt 9 runs at its maximum potential and the game is easy to control. The game is already optimized for smaller screens, so there shouldn’t be any issue with larger displays. In fact, you can better appreciate the detailed and vivid graphics of the game. Asphalt 9 will be quite a spectacle when you play it on the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Just switch the game to High Quality and you won’t notice any degradation in performance.

The fact that it offers a 120Hz adaptive display, you will notice the buttery smooth action, especially if the phone manages to achieve more than 90fps in certain games. Audio quality is also essential for proper gaming experience. However, there are issues with audio implementations. The speaker grill can be easily obstructed by your hand when you hold the device in landscape orientation. You can flip the device, but the volume keys will be harder to reach, because they will be on the bottom. When unobstructed, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 should deliver loud and full audio quality. When you crank up the volume, the audio could fill your room. Compared to most tablets, the device handles mid and high frequencies quite well. Unfortunately, bass isn’t as punchy as you would find on a flagship iPhone or iPad model. If you want to experience the thumping, bassy audio when playing game, it is recommended to wear a decent headphone. Weighing at around 280 grams, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 should still be convenient to hold for an hour so, when you are playing game a bit lon