Weight Loss Buddy Gives You Tips & Support Community to Lose Weight & Stay Healthy

weight loss community

Losing weight can often be challenging because of lifestyle, psychological or physical issues. That’s why the majority of people on a diet quit. Today we will talk about app that will help you in those struggles. A social app that will offer you support and tips to stay healthy and lose weight. We are talking about Weight Loss Body.


Weight Loss Buddy is a social platform and iOS & Android app that let’s you determine your weight loss goal and stay focused on getting to it with a support from the community. The goal is for the app to be your buddy when the going gets tough.


Creating a profile on Weight Loss Buddy is easy and the only important information are your current weight and goal weight. From then on the app acts as your weight loss tracker and support. Once you finish your profile you can start exploring the social feed from other weight loss buddies. There you will discover weight loss tips, struggles of other users in their weight loss journey or life, and tons of useful life and health related content.

When you decide that you need support, you can create a post with photos and text, and ask for support. Additionally, you can like and comment on other posts to show support or give a feedback, experience or advice, chat and track daily weight. At the end of the day, Weight Loss Buddy is a really helpful platform and community for those who struggle with weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.