How to Play Xbox Games on Android Devices?

Microsoft has released a new app for Android that allows users to play Xbox games. Obviously, even the latest smartphone models are still underpowered to play the demanding titles of Xbox One. With the app, users can play Xbox One games remotely, as they are streamed from your own console. This technology is known as Console Streaming. The app will pair the smartphone with your Xbox One. The app isn’t an emulator that allows you to play Xbox games directly from the smartphone. It is also different from the iCloud service that’s also offered by Microsoft. This cloud-based service allows you to play the Xbox game from Microsoft’s server. The design of the Xbox app is quite similar to the newly updated dashboard of the Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The next-generation Xbox console comes with an improved controller that has the share button. The newly updated app has a similar button and you will be notified once the capture process is completed.

Once the Xbox Series X and Series S are released in November, it should be fairly easy to set them up with the new app. In fact, you can configure settings of the console remotely through the smartphone app. As an example, through the app, you can purchase and install any game to the game console. You can also use it to manage storage space, to manage the game library, and as a backup remote controller. The Xbox app is still at the beta stage, but you can install it for Android smartphones and tablets. At this moment, Microsoft still makes no mention of an upcoming iOS version. However, we could expect that an iOS app will be available as well.

If you have a smartphone with Full HD display or more, playing an Xbox game on it will be quite convenient, because it will look crisp and small text should be readable. Regular home Wi-Fi networks should be capable of supporting data streaming between Android smartphone and Xbox console. There are clearly some concerns whether playing fast-paced Xbox games will be convenient on the app. However, if users find it awkward to play some action-based titles, they could still find it comfortable to play games with slower-paced on Android devices. Theoretically, you can play your own Xbox game from anywhere around the world. As long as you have a fast Wi-Fi connection and the Xbox is turned on at home, you can continue playing your favourite from the other side of the world.   

With the Xbox app, you can share things easily with friends. If there are friends who are using Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, it is possible to communicate with them through the Xbox app. If you want to install the app, you can immediately download it from the Google Play store right now. Recently, Microsoft has also launched a monthly subscription service called Game Streaming. The service allows you to stream more than 150 game titles and more will be added in the future.