Top 20 – The Best Apps for Surviving Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like earthquakes, sandstorms, hurricanes or forest fires are becoming more frequent than we’d like them to. Every time the world faces a new disaster, we take one step closer to prepare ourselves for the next unpredictable catastrophe. But are we every truly, fully prepared for mishaps?

As estimated by WHO, every year, natural disasters take the lives of approximately 90,000 people and affect almost 160 million people globally. Natural disasters are an act of nature that create catastrophic situations and disrupt the daily lives of people.

However, to fight such horrific situations, iphone app development agency are trying to take charge to help people. Smartphones are used for more than just scrolling on social media or watching videos, and we’re lucky to live in this age. People no longer have to wait for news alerts because the following apps help them prepare for natural disasters.

Here’s a list of apps for natural disasters, that you need on your smartphone, to survive during unpredictable situations:

The 20 Best Apps for Natural Disasters

1.      Weather Underground

Weather Underground is an app that serves as a tool for sending weather forecasts to smartphone users. It’s affiliated with 250,000+ weather stations to send predictions worldwide. It also offers an interactive map with radar, high-res images from satellites, serious weather alerts, and more.

The app is available for Android and iOS users.

2.      First Aid: American Red Cross

First Aid: American Red Cross is an app that helps save lives. The mobile app enables you to prepare for natural disasters beforehand. Some of the app features include instruction guides for first aid, steps to take in an emergency, video, and animations to help learn, preloaded content that is just a click away, and a toggle switch to change the language.

The First Aid: American Red Cross is available on Android and iOS stores.

3.      Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert is an app that sends users automated disaster alerts before they can affect you, whether they’re natural or man-made. It sends out a global notification to keep you protected anywhere in the world. You can access the app at any time and prepare for life hazards as they occur. The app is available to download for Android and iOS users.

4.      MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar is a fully functional weather app that offers a glance at threats near your location. It notifies you about potential threats to help you get to safety promptly. Some of the features include hi-definition radars, NOAA weather alerts, temperature changes, weather forecasts, and a thorough hurricane tracker. The app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

5.      Offline Survival Manual

Offline Survival Manual, as the same suggests, is an offline survival app that users can access without cell reception. It offers tips to users on how to survive disasters and enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking, etc. However, the app is only available for Android users.

6.      Disaster Management

Disaster Management is a user guide app that has detailed descriptions of natural and man-made disasters, disaster management tips, building emergency kits, and more. It also has a full-fledged database of helplines with a built-in calling feature. The app is only available for Android users as of now.

7.      ubAlert

ubAlert is a global social platform that allows users to alert each other in case of a crisis or disaster. Users can give first-hand reports to warn people. The app is available on Android and iOS.

8.      Hurricane Hound

Hurricane Hound is an Android app that alerts and shows the status of active natural disasters such as hurricanes or tropical storms. The weather forecast updates cover the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific regions and highlight areas the NWS is monitoring.

9.      Ice Medical Standard

Ice Medical Standard is a smart app that notifies about emergencies you or your contacts might be in. The app also allows users to save their details and medical history that can be accessed at any time. The app is available for download on Android and iOS.

10.  SirenGPS

SirenGPS is the first app designed for disaster management that locates you and transfers the information to first responders in real-time. It also sends detailed information about your medical history. The app notifies you of a nearby crisis and warns about threats that you approach unknowingly.

11.  LifeLine Response

LifeLine Response gives you the ease of moving freely and safely. It provides real-time, prompt notifications for red zones and active threats. It also offers a ‘Predictive Analytics’ feature that shows you a prediction of the weather.

12.  Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts is a very common app that builds a connection between you and your trusted contacts by showing real-time locations. The app is a support tool for when you need to track your loved ones in a time of crisis or active threats.

13.  Noonlight

Noonlight is a safety app that acts as a guide to help people get from one point to another in an emergency crisis. You can also add friends to your network who can track you at any time of the day. Noonlight can also connect to other apps to help you better in a crisis.

14.  Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is an app designed for pet safety and security. It helps you in taking care of cats and dogs. The app has features like an easy toggle between cats and dogs, a detailed guide on everyday emergencies, a database of vet contacts, instructional ‘how-to’ videos, set up profiles and appointments, and more.

15.  Zello Walkie Talkie

Zello Walkie Talkie offers the user a platform to connect by creating channels. The channels act as a medium where people post pictures, videos, and chat via voice calls to give real-time updates about threats and risks.

16.  Emergency: Alerts

Emergency: Alerts lets you track your loved ones in an emergency crisis. Users can also monitor real-time disasters and threats.

17.  Natural Disaster Monitor

Natural Disaster Monitor allows you to monitor natural disasters such as tsunamis, cyclones, floods, or hurricanes that are differentiated by threat levels using colors. The app is available for Android.

18.  Find My Family, Friends & Phone

Life360 has designed the app for Android and iOS that uses GPS location to track your loved ones in an emergency crisis.

19.  Facebook

Facebook is best-known as a social platform; however, it also has a ‘Safety Check’ feature that you can use to mark yourself as ‘Safe’ during an emergency.

20.  FEMA

FEMA is an app offered to users by the government, that you can use to find the nearest local relief centers for shelter and services.

Prepare for Survival

People often get tensed when faced with a natural disaster, and it’s normal to feel lost and be terrified. If you live in a hazardous part of the world, you need apps that can prepare you for unforeseen events, help you through them and after them.