Sceptre E255B-1658A FreeSync Gaming Monitor Reviews

The task of choosing the right monitor for gaming is very difficult to accomplish for gamers. But don’t forget that it’s very important if you are passionate about gaming. Each and everything of a gaming monitor should be perfect. There are a lot of amazing gaming monitors available in the market. But today we have to focus on the best gaming monitor with speakers. We check everything before buying the monitor but we don’t pay any attention to speakers.

There are a lot of displays that come without speakers. Therefore, it’s a bit difficult to find the right monitor with speakers. Let me tell you why it is necessary to buy the monitor with built-in speakers. Gamers spend a lot on buying external speakers. Also, they occupy a larger space. And you know nothing is more irritating than a mess of wires around the monitor. To avoid all these difficulties, gaming monitors with speakers should be our preference.

In this article, we are presenting you with the best monitor having built-in speakers. I hope you will get the best after reading the article written below. Let’s have an eye on it’s features, specifications, and other necessary details.


Sceptre is a brand that is quite unmatched. We can trust it blindly. The reason behind the popularity of Sceptre is its inventions. Let’s have a check on this invention of Sceptre.

Sceptre E255B-11658A comes with a screen size of 25 inches which is ideal for gaming needs. Sit closer to your screen and enjoy the detailed images. Along with this ideal screen size, it has many other unparalleled features including edgeless design. Gamers can have a smooth gaming experience because of this design.

This LED display delivers awesome and rich colors. The reason behind this is the sharper combination of dark and light colors. You will experience the most pleasing colors ever. Gamers dream to have rich colors in order to get the details of the image. Secondly, nothing is more interesting than playing a game with sharp and rich colors. The rich colors are also important because sometimes we lose our interest in games when colors are not so good.

It’s impossible to play fast motion games on a monitor having a response time more than 1ms. Fast action games and action movies require immediate pixel response from the monitor. Users want clarity and precision and it can only be possible if the monitor is offering the fastest response time. The 1ms response time helps to reduce problems like ghosting and blurring.

The standard refresh rate is 144HZ. But this time Sceptre is offering you a refresh rate higher than that of standard. The blurred images are quite irritating. But with the help of a 165HZ refresh rate, enjoy instant frame transitions with no blurred images. Isn’t it just wow? Yeah, it is. The monitors with 144HZ refresh rates are best then imagine what kind of monitor will it be? Obviously, it will be incredible.

This monitor comes with the AMD FreeSync technology. Therefore, it is ideal for fast-moving games. You are going to have the most seamless gaming experience. The synchronization of the graphic card and refresh rates are already done in order to eliminate issues like stuttering and tearing. When you use it, you will come to know it is the best Free Sync gaming monitor.

The blue light shift and anti-flicker are two technologies that keep your eyes safe from strain. And this invention of Sceptre is equipped with both of these technologies. How’s that? Just amazing.

There is no need to buy speakers separately. This time Sceptre has saved your money and introduced a monitor with built-in speakers. Enjoy the best sounds ever. And get rid of external speakers that only create a mess.

It comes with a display that gives comfort and clarity. This is just because the display inclines 15° backward and 5° forward. This type of comfort is very difficult to find out in other monitors. But Sceptre always takes care of its users.


  • Built-in Speakers.
  • Equipped with Free-Sync Technology.
  • Comes with anti-flicker and blue light shift technologies.
  • Has the most elegant color ever.
  • Edgeless design.
  • Fastest response time and refresh rate.
  • Sharper and rich colors ever.


  • The screen size is not very large.
  • Lacks extended connectivity.


The built-in speakers not only save your money but also free up some space. Sceptre E255B-1658A is one of the best gaming monitors. Develop your trust in it without any doubt. Moreover, all the other features are also amazing. This will prove to be the most amazing gaming monitor ever. I hope you will be impressed by it, For more Gaming Components Reviews & Expert Guides Please have a Look at GamingVerge