SunVPN – Keep Your Online Activities Anonymous  

The huge range of VPN apps available for smartphones nowadays can make it difficult to pick one VPN app that is reliable and best for you. That’s why we decided to look and we found one secure, safe, and reliable VPN app that can protect your privacy and secure your device. Read and learn more about SunVPN.  

What is SunVPN? 

SunVPN is a secure and reliable VPN app that is developed for IOS users, designed for anyone that likes to keep their online activities completely anonymous. With this VPN proxy your data will be encrypted and kept private. No registration or login is needed, the app is completely free and no log is saved from any users. Simply tap to connect and you will be automatically connected to the fastest VPN server.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This VPN app offers variety of efficient and convenient features. Using this app, you get access to all websites and apps anywhere you are.  Surf social networks, Netflix, Youtube and more. The app lets you to surf the web completely anonymously without you worrying about being tracked.  Your privacy is protected and your device is secured with the app while you are connected to public WiFi hotspots, cellular data, networks and all other public locations.

Also, you are protected from hacker attacks and your password and personal data is secured as well. Your location is detected automatically and you will be instantly connected to the nearest server which results in a fast connection. To get the premium features you can subscribe weekly, monthly, semi-annually and yearly on the app.  

Download the app now on App Store to keep your online activities anonymous! 

App Store Download Link: SunVPN