Top Three Monitoring Apps For 2020

As most children have access to smartphones from the age of nine, parents feel the need to keep a tab on their children’s activities. Many workplaces have also started investing in smartphone monitoring apps since many companies have resorted to remote work due to the current pandemic. They feel that it is an efficient way to keep a check on their employees’ productivity from afar. If you are in search of the best monitoring app, this article will help you with details about the top three monitoring apps that you can select. You can go through the pros and cons of each and make the best decision for yourself.

  1. XNSPY

XNSPY is a highly-trusted smartphone monitoring app. Its unique features make it amongst the most advanced parental control and employee management apps. The features include:

  • Access to phone calls and contact lists: XNSPY lets you remotely check all call logs and contact lists from their phone.
  • Track GPS location: XNSPY lets you monitor their location anytime on the map. The accurate monitoring app gives you a detailed list of the location history that you can download remotely.
  • Track SMS and IM chats: With this feature, you can read all the sent and received messages on the monitored device. It includes reading text messages made on WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and Skype.
  • Track emails: Using the XNSPY software, business owners can monitor the official email accounts of employees to check if they are sharing confidential information with anyone. It also gives access to their bookmarked sites and how often they visit those sites.
  • Record phone calls and surroundings: This feature is helpful for both parents and employers. They can remotely turn on the microphone of the monitored device and listen to surrounding voices. They can also download phone call recordings.
  • Access to multimedia files: XNSPY gives you access to the monitored device’s multimedia files that include their pictures, videos, and appointment schedules.
  • Instant alerts: It is a unique feature of XNSPY that alerts you each time any watchlisted word is used on the device. Parents can set up alarm words such as “drugs” so that they get alerted every time their child uses them.

Compatibility and price:

XNSPY supports both all iOS devices above version 6.0 and all Android devices above the Gingerbread version 4.0. The price of the subscription varies whether you choose the premium or basic version. The basic version costs USD 4.99 per month, while the premium version costs USD 7.49 per month. The basic version is more affordable; however, it offers limited features.


  • Most affordable monitoring app
  • Unique watch list alert function
  • 24/7 customer support
  • User-friendly
  • Set up in under five minutes


  • Some features may require jailbreaking.


Android users require one-time access to the device you need to monitor. Once you have installed the app, you can use it remotely. No further physical access to the device is required.

For iOS users, no physical access to the device is needed. However, the device must have the iCloud backup feature turned on. Additionally, you would need access to the Apple ID and password of the device you want to monitor.

  1. mSpy

mSpy is a popular spying app that comes second on our list of top three monitoring apps. It is a one-stop solution for Android monitoring. It comes with free online help and instructions about how to install the app. Because of its limited and specified areas of use, its features are also limited. The features include:

  • mSpy lets you keep a tab on the monitored device’s call logs.
  • You can track the sent and received texts.
  • It gives access to a large number of social media platforms.
  • The GPS-tracking feature gives you access to the device’s location.
  • Access to photos, videos, and the web browsing history of the device.
  • Access to emails, bookmarked pages, calendars, and contacts of the monitored device.

Compatibility and price

Just like XNSPY, mSpy also has two versions to choose from. However, mSpy is a little more expensive. The cost of the basic version is USD 29.99 per month. The one-year package of the premium version costs USD 16.99 per month. mSpy is compatible with all versions of iOS. Android users need to have version 4.0 above to use the app.


  • It has a content filtering tool.
  • It includes a feature to restrict calls.
  • Live customer support.


  • The features are limited.
  • It is only useful as a parental control app.
  • The price is a little less affordable.
  • Many features require jailbreak or root.


Android users need one-time access. iOS users must enable iCloud backup and have the Apple ID and password to the relevant device.

  1. Spyera

Spyera is another well-known smartphone monitoring app. It offers some advanced features to use in different situations. It, however, ranks number three on our list because it is a little overpriced for the services that it offers. The list of the features that Spyera offers include:

  • You can monitor the relevant device’s call logs.
  • It gives you access to the monitored device’s texts and instant messages.
  • Users can track the device’s location through the GPS tracking feature.
  • Access all the media files that include photos, videos, and take screenshots as well.
  • The app gives you access to the monitored device’s social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • The web browsing-tracking feature enables you to keep a tab on which websites your child or employee visits.
  • The remote camera control feature allows you to move the camera of the monitored device for a better view.

Compatibility and price:

Spyera is compatible with all versions of iOS and Android devices. The price of the app is a little on the higher end. The premium version costs USD 13.99 per month. It, however, does not provide all features. To have access to all the features, you would need to subscribe to the premium plus package that costs USD 31.99 per month.


  • It offers the most compatibility options amongst all apps as it supports all versions of Android and iOS.
  • Its remote camera control option is a feature that is not offered by most other apps.


  • The app is expensive than most other rival apps.
  • People might find many of its features very intrusive.
  • No alert-based function


Android users need one-time access to the device, while iPhone users do not require any physical access to the phone. The device must have iCloud backup turned on. You would also need access to the relevant device’s Apple ID and password.

Which one to choose?

Price- and feature-wise, Xnspy wins it by a margin. But, that’s not the only reason why Xnspy deserves the top spot on our list. Currently, it’s the only iPhone monitoring app that really works. All other iCloud backup hacks don’t work anymore, but Xnspy has found a backdoor that still makes it possible to get ample data from someone’s iPhone.