GRAB AR – The Revolutionary AR Image Viewer

Augmented Reality (AR) can be a fun technology to play with. The basic premise of AR is to overlay digital content on top of real things using something like a map or a camera. If you are looking for an AR app to help you grab, copy, and visualize objects in any environment, we looked and we found the app for you. Read and learn more about Grab AR. 

What is Grab AR?  

Grab AR is a revolutionary AR image viewer that is developed for IOS users that combines the power of AR and AI, for you to easily grab, copy, and save any object without a background. With the app, you will easily visualize how objects look in any environment of your choice. Grab any object, save it as a photo to your device, remove the background in real time and view it in Augmented Reality.  

Why Do We Love It?  

This app is quite simple for using and intuitive with smooth controls and easy navigation for experiencing AR and AI. Select an image from your phone photos, use your camera or any image URL of choice. To grab an object, you need to select the focus on it, press and hold to copy the image and release to choose an option such as to save the AR image, to move it or take it, or to discard it.

Save images with no background using the app and capture two in one image. Detect and capture objects in real time with the precise AI camera scanning and scale, move and resize images to the position required. The app gives you options to save no background images as transparent PNGs for future use and save copied images with a real-time background. To maximise your creativity and create unique images access GRAB AR STUDIO.  

Download the app now on App Store to capture images and remove backgrounds in real time!  

Official Website: GRAB AR  

App Store Download Link: GRAB AR