Enjoy Gaming online but are concerned about Security? Here is what to do

As the uncertainty looms over in the present pandemic times, there has been a drastic change in the way we carry out our daily routines. Earlier, the internet was just one of the options available to us but now, the use of the internet has been completely redefined. With restricted movements and social distancing, without the help of the internet, nothing seems to be possible be it work, school, medical consultations, banking, entertainment, the list can be endless. This newly acquired lifestyle has started taking a toll on us. Many are suffering from mental stress, so it becomes very important to stay positive and cheerful.

People have turned to play online games, family games, etc. and the gaming websites are seeing heavy traffic flow. Exploiting this increased popularity of online gaming websites, hackers have used these websites to launch attacks. According to a study by Kaspersky Security Network, the number of blocked attempts (to direct Kaspersky users to malicious websites that exploit the gaming as their theme) rose by 54% in April as compared to January 2020. Often, players were attracted by free versions of popular games, cheats, and updates. But clicking on such links malicious programs including password-stealing malware to ransomware can be downloaded.

Daily numbers of web attacks that use the theme of online games as a lure, January-May 2020

This sudden increase in the popularity of gaming platforms has triggered many new online gaming websites to appear, trying to cash in the new boom in the online gaming industry. This brings us to a very important question, how safe are these gaming websites?

Whether you are new to the online gaming world or a pro, it is equally important for each one of you to be aware of the threats you are exposed to and how to protect yourself when online. Here are some important things to keep in mind while playing online.

Protect Your Gaming Accounts

For any gaming website account, you must use complex and strong passwords. Set up two-factor authentication for protecting your account as well as a primary email address. Always log out before leaving the gaming website.

Ensure You Always Play on A Secure Server

Always be sure that you play only on those gaming websites which have secured their servers. Check whether the server you use for gaming has proper encryption to safeguard your information. In the absence of such encryption, your server stands exposed to hacking, posing a big threat to the database of the site. Your crucial information like payment details, login details, e-mail addresses could be stolen. So, it is important to look for gaming websites that have secured themselves with SSL Certificates.

Refrain from Revealing Personal Details Online

You must take care not to reveal or share too much of your personal information to other players when playing games online. It could be your name, location coordinates, education institute, or birthplace which could be used by hackers to get hold of your passwords by using a strategy of informed guessing. Your personal details revelation also increases the risk of stalking or abuse. Some gaming websites register players by asking them to fill a form with personal details to keep track of your gaming habits. Never share your true personal details as it could be misused.

Beware of Trolls and Bullying

Although most online gaming websites now have dedicated rules and regulations against trolls and bullying to protect their users. Still, at times, players could get exposed to some type of bullying or trolling. Immediately, block any such player. Do not interact with them at any level, neither through chats nor through gaming. You should not let such incidents spoil your gaming experience. It is important to report such incidents to the game’s developer or their support team so that appropriate actions can be taken. This will save you from going through the unnecessary risk of stress and anxiety.

Be Cautious of Deceitful Downloads or Links

The gamers might find some latest cheats available for games which appear to be very luring. But beware of using this cheat software which update your games by illegally pirating them. Such software might be carrying malware or spyware which may infect your system. You should always download updates to games and cheats only from game developers or authentic websites.

Install and Update Antivirus and Anti-malware

It is crucial to install a good Antivirus and Anti-malware software on your computer systems and all your network servers. Equally important is to keep all your software updated including the operating system. This will provide protection against any new threats that keep on appearing on the web. Even game developers keep releasing updates to fix any vulnerabilities and keep your data safe. It is also a good practice not to use a computer system for gaming which contains any crucial information files and confidential emails.

What Can the Companies Do to Stay Safe?

Use DDOS Protection

If you are running a gaming website, then it becomes very important to protect your hosting server from DDOS attacks which are becoming very widespread. By carrying out DDOS attacks on gaming websites, hackers try to disable network resources. The aim is to temporarily disrupt the online services of the gaming site, to its players. This is done by overwhelming it with traffic through different sources.

To protect your site from such attacks, the companies need to hire dedicated DDOS protection services to continuously monitor incoming traffic and if any fraudulent visit requests are detected, they must be completely blocked then and there. Lastly but most importantly.

Use SSL for gaming websites to protect the certificate

As a credible gaming website, it is your responsibility to use proper encryption to safeguard your player’s information. The company’s reputation depends on the trust it builds with its players. Without the proper client-server or server-server path being secured, your player’s crucial information such as payment information or personal information stands at a risk of getting exposed to hackers and misused.

So, it becomes imperative for you to provide a secure platform for your visitors and for that you must secure your gaming website with SSL Certificates. For buying SSL certificate you can visit “Clickssl.net – The Cheapest SSL Provider”. Trust me, this will take you far and help you to grow your business in the gaming world.

In nutshell, these unprecedented times have definitely been hard for a lot of us and gaming is a good way to add some positivity in life, but be sure to be safe and take the necessary precautions so as to ensure that this pleasurable activity doesn’t turn into a source of misery. Happy gaming everyone!