Custom Software Development Trends You Didn’t Know

Custom Software Development Trends You Didn’t Know

Digital transformation has had an impact on every facet of our lives. But it has affected businesses the most. Digital transformation allows businesses to not only reach their customers faster through different digital modes but also improve the bottom line. No wonder so many businesses have already started their digital transformation journey while others are planning to do so in the near future. For this, they have started making use of technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and others to stay ahead of the curve. And customers use apps that are based on these technologies without even knowing about it.

A lot of businesses in the manufacturing and supply chain industries have started using different technologies to automate their processes and make the best use of the money available to them. Bitcoin’s launch over a decade ago brought us a completely new concept of cryptocurrencies. But now we have hundreds of these in the market.

Businesses that are looking to reach their target audience, showcase their products, and make their customers make buying decisions have great tools in the form of social networking platforms, mobile applications, and online stores available to them. The future is looking for bright for businesses that are planning to utilise the best that custom software development has to offer. The technologies that were once regarded incompatible with software development are already being commercially used. There are others that are still in the pipeline but are expected to hit the market in the years to come. If experts are to be believed, trends such as artificial intelligence and IoT are on the verge of being adopted by businesses on a global scale. These technologies are expected to facilitate businesses in a way that anyone would have ever envisaged.

Let us now see what the next couple of years have in store for custom software development companies and the businesses they serve. We will now discuss a few trends that you can see in the software development field in the coming time.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The growth and global adoption IoT in custom software development solutions are expected to be one of the major trends in the years to come. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, the number of connected devices across the world will be more than 22 billion by the year 2024. Internet-connected devices don’t need mobile phones or computers to establish a connection. With 5G expected to come out soon, more and more devices will be able to leverage the capabilities that IoT brings to the fore. Unlike phones and computers, IoT devices are always in working mode. So custom software development companies that employ developers who are skilled in IoT will be able to provide businesses with software solutions that can help them compete better.


Blockchain has been around for more than a decade now, but experts still feel that it still has a lot to offer. There are avenues that are still untouched. This is why it could have a huge impact on the custom software development industry in the future. The decentralised nature of this technology makes it ideal to be used for storing data in a database that can even be accessed by the general public without the worry of the data being corrupted or altered. Software developers worldwide are coming with newer ways of using blockchain. Apps based on blockchain are great for developers who are looking for ways to build software solutions that are both secure and decentralised.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the most talked-about trend these days, and that has been the case for a few years now. And to believe that all this talk is just hype would be an error in judgment on your part. We now have resources that can be used to create AI solutions that have the power of changing the way we see different things. Machine learning and other related AI applications give businesses a way to transform how they function and serve their customers completely. With big data, machine learning, and other such tools, AI is expected to be the future of custom software and technology as a whole.

Continuous Delivery And Development

When we talk about the trends that have taken the custom software development industry by storm, we can’t forget to mention the role of continuous delivery and continuous development. This methodology focusses on building software at a faster pace than usual. The ultimate objective is to release the software faster. Continuous experimentation, feature development, and bug fixing, amongst other things throughout the lifecycle help in achieving thisobjective.

These are just a few trends that are expected to rule the software development field in the next few years. Keep an eye on what’s happening around this field to not lose out on an idea that can impact the lives of millions across the world.