Where is the best place to trade-in your old iPhone in the UK?

Best place to trade-in? Now that the iPhone 12 have been announced, like me, that’s the question you probably be asking yourself. Or, how am I going to afford it? One way is to sell your old device, but you probably wouldn’t get the best price for it and you don’t really want the hassle of places like eBay, where you tend to come across people that are not serious about buying and waste your time. However, you can trade-in the device and it would be a lot easier and hassle-free. You are more likely to have the money in your account in as little as 2-3 days depending, on which company you use.

We think that now is the best time to start looking to trade-in your old iPhone just before the pre-order of the iPhone 12 starts on the 16th of October. I have done some research and below have listed the best place to trade-in your old iPhone and the best price. I will be using an unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max capacity 256GB as an example, and assuming your device is in great working order with no damages.

Best place to trade-in

Apple – Price £580

Some would say the best place to trade-in is through the Apple website and it probably is. This is because you will be able to pay for the iPhone 12 and send off the trade-in device after you received your new device. Apple will simply credit your payment method after they have the device. However, at £580 is not the best price we found so far.

reBuy – Price £609

Even though they are on of the best price we found, I have to be honest I have never heard of reBuy. But, going through their website it would appear that they have a professional and are legitimate in dealing with your device. They do have 4.8 reviews out of 5 on Trustpilot, so they are worth a try.

CarPhone Warehouse – Price £620

Top of one of the most trusted brands. Carphone warehouse will give you a fair amount for your device. Like all of the trade-in sites, they will send you a prepaid envelope for you to return your device. They then pay the money into your bank account.

musicMagpie – Price £570

One of the most popular mobile trade-in sites, musicMagpie is worth the time and effort. Even though it’s not the best price offered, it is however one of the best to deal with. On average you should be able to trade-in within 3-5 days from start. They have won the Mobile phone recycler of the year award. Didn’t know there was such a title, but they have it indeed.

mazumamobile – Price £540

Again they offer a decent price for your device. The whole process is simple. It was the only site that we have come across that wanted you to put in your IMEI number, you can however skip that part. You will then have the option to get paid by cheque or bank transfer.

Tradein – Price £600

Tradein offer a great price as well and like all the others, it is easy to use. They are the only ones that give you 3 options of getting your device to them. You can request the prepaid package via email, send in the device using your own envelope or request the prepaid package through the post.

Envirofone – Price ???

One of my personal favourite and one that I have previously used is envirofone. They offer great service and are one of the first-ever mobile trade-in sites around. The unfortunate thing though is the time of writing, they don’t take iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can trade-in all iPhones from iPhone 5 to iPhone XS Max.

To note, the prices of these sites varies daily. For example, two days ago the reBuy site was offering customers £677 for their iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you’re thinking about getting the new iPhone 12, then getting some extra money to put towards it is always a bonus.