LiveMySteps – The Social Travel Map to Make Photo Memories

If you travel a lot and want to make your travel experiences even more memorable, you need the right travel app on your phone to give you the complete experience. We looked and we found one amazing social travel map for you to make photo memories and make your travel adventures memorable. Read and learn more about LiveMySteps.  

What is LiveMySteps? 

LiveMySteps is an amazing social travel map that is developed for IOS users that would like to make photo memories. With this you get the chance to post photos with photo locations and view them on a photo map, making every travel experience memorable. Reminisce about your travel experiences and capture all the places you visited with this social travel app.  

Why Do We Love It? 

The social travel map offers you different features for keeping your travel memories. You can create a post by adding a geo picture on your profile and that can be done with precise geotag photos with your current location or a photo location added manually.

You can tag travel buddies on your photo memories and add descriptions, edit and delete posts, and get notifications for other traveler’s posts. The app’s intuitive map can be effortlessly explored by swiping or searching for a location, you can zoom in and out and see your geotag photos of your travels. Using the GPS map camera, you can upload photos and add details for your social travel diary. Like, comment, and share geotag photos of your travel buddies and meet new friends in this community.  

Download the app now on App Store to make your photo memories of your travels! 

App Store Download Link: LiveMySteps