Bold Focus for iOS & Android Helps You Analyze and Measure Your Productivity in a New Innovative Way

From online calendars to helpful organization tools, productivity apps make getting things done a breeze. But, often, it is hard to commit to one app and actually use it daily to improve productivity. Additionally, there are tons of productivity apps that simply don’t work. The app we will cover today takes a different approach on productivity and it is definitely one of the most unique focus and productivity apps on Google Play and App Store nowadays. We are talking about Bold Focus.

Bold Focus General Intro

At its core Bold Focus is an innovative to-do-list management system that lets you focus, progress daily without deadlines. But Bold Focus not only lets you organize your tasks into projects and plan, it also tracks and analyzes all your productivity, planning, tracking, and improvements so you can improve your productivity.

Bold Focus Features

Once you create a profile you can start organizing tasks into project cards. Tap on the tasks field to add task name, estimated time and notes if any. Then you can continue planning tasks with time to competition estimation, plan and track work/sprint blocks, track the actual task times and more. You can also share with multiple teams, manage task delegation, classify soft and hard deadlines and filter tasks via tagging.

The app also gives badges for the completed cards and shows daily inspiration quotes so you can stay focused. After you have completed the tasks for a day, you can also view your focus level on a neat graph with accurate data.

What we also liked about Bold Focus is that there is a Learn section where you can learn about the science of productivity.

At the end of the day if you are looking for a new approach to boost productivity, Bold Focus is a must-try. It is available for free for iOS & Android.