Confetti – The Ultimate Interactive Party Game

Humans have been drinking for a long time. So long, that we now have drinking games that you can play to help expedite the process and make it more exciting. We’re sure that you know a variety of them already, but you can also find quite a few on mobile. We looked and we found one of the best new interactive party games for you and your friends. Read and learn more about Confetti.  

Basic Introduction 

Confetti is an interactive party game that is developed for iOS and Android users, specially designed for individuals that like drinking games and enjoy challenging riddles, crazy funny questions, and funny assignments. Just make sure you have a drink in your hand and your friends with you. You can play this drinking game with 3 or 300 people without any ads or pop-ups to disturb you.  

Why Do We Love It? 

Once you download the game you can add the player names and start the interactive party game. It offers fun for everyone playing by offering a large variety of questions and assignments to enjoy. You can play games as I’ve never had, group votes, quizzes, assignments, struggles, screwed and choice-stress, making it the ideal mix for a great drinking night with friends.  

If there’s a question or assignment you don’t want to do you can easily skip it. Just have fun and pay attention to yourself and others while playing it and the fun is guaranteed. While the game is ad-free & free of recurring subscriptions, you can subscribe (one-time only) to two different premium packages. The first one offers you to buy 2x as many questions for € 2.99 or the second one offering you to buy 4x as many questions for € 4.99.  

At the end of the day, this is a great interactive party game to get your drink and have fun with friends and family. Especially in these trying times. 

If you are ready to have fun drinking and playing with friends, download Confetti for free on the App Store or Google Play! 

App Store Download Link: Confetti 

Google Play Download Link: Confetti