Find out who won $20,000 and the Role of Glory Ambassador in Guns of Glory’s Third Anniversary Competition

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Guns of Glory has been celebrating its third anniversary in style. One of the big parts of the celebration was the Glory Ambassador competition. And we can reveal right now who walked away with the amazing prizes that Kings Group was offering.

The competition was split into three different submissions phases, and there were more than 3000 entries. After some heavy deliberation, Kings Group picked the YouTuber Aevatrex as the grand champion, awarding them $20,000 and the role of Glory Ambassador. Second place went to the YouTuber Not Casuals, who won $10,000. Third place went to another YouTuber, called Keychain Gaming, who bagged $5000. 

The celebration also featured in-game events and a special edition castle skin for players. Gamers were also encouraged to share their own memes about Guns of Glory to the game’s official Facebook and Discord groups, focusing on the connections and experiences they’ve had thanks to the game.

Community is a big focus for the developers of Guns of Glory. The game has been downloaded 80 million times since it came out, and has been in the top three mobile strategy games since 2018. “We hope that through working with the Glory Ambassador, we will find new ways to connect with our amazing community. Three years is just the beginning for Guns of Glory, we hope that the game can last for years to come reaching our ten-year anniversary and beyond,” said Guns of Glory’s publishing producer. 

The game is a massively multiplayer RTS that sees players building up their castle, gathering up resources, and training an army of powerful musketeers. Throw in an aesthetic that blends together fantasy, steampunk, baroque and more, as well as some awesome airships, and you’re left with an experience that’s kept its players engrossed for ages. 

You can download Guns of Glory from the App Store and Google Play Store for free right now. And if you want to engage with the game’s community, make sure you head on over to the official Facebook page by clicking here.