Best GTA-Like Android Games That You Should Try

GTA V, GTA San Andreas and other titles in the Grand Theft Auto franchise are very popular in PC and consoles. They appeal us with interesting characters, enjoyable storyline, fast-moving cars, challenging missions and huge open world maps. Fortunately, modern smartphones are getting more powerful and they are capable of running a lot of graphically demanding games. Here are the best GTA-like Android Games you should check out.

Best GTA-like Android Games you should try

New Gangster Crime

Best GTA-like Android games

It’s an interesting crime world simulator, which allows you to enjoy dynamic and interesting gameplay. With exciting third-person actions and advanced game mechanics, you can get immersed in the big city life. In this game, you make a career in the criminal world and climb your way to the top. You start as a lowly gangster and with your skill, you may eventually lead the crime empire. The setting is a modern big city with developed infrastructure and tropical climate. The city’s underground scene is divided among various major criminal groups. When confronting enemies, you need to seize new territories, defend current territories, create a clan, make friends and use various skills.

Crime War S. Andreas

Best GTA-like Android games

Compared to other games, this title can be among the closes to the characters and styles of GTA San Andreas. As the game is under 100MB, we can’t expect to be as polished or detailed as typical GTA titles. However, there are many collections of supercars that you can try. Despite being a relatively small game, you can still have a big open world. There are different cars that you can choose from classic cars to sports cars. Drive different cars and take part in various races. There are many weapons to choose, from handguns to RPG. Just like in the original GTA games, polices are not intrusive, but they can be deadly if you openly break the law. Crime War S. Andreas have many missions to complete. The game has a decent story that revolves around a young gangster and some of the intricate plots may surprise you.                      

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Best GTA-like games you should know about

This game puts you to the crime world of the Sin City. In Las Vegas, there’s a crime season all through the year. Gangstar Vegas is a massive open world game where you can get involved in street fights, zombie shooting, clan conspiracies, sniping, car racing and thefts. It is enjoyable to explore each inch of the Vegas in your phone. You can go to casinos and take a chance with a game of choice. There are more than 80 action-packed missions in the game where you can roam the city, shoot, race and perform various criminal activities. Just like the original GTA titles, you can use various weapons like rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, Molotov cocktails and flamethrowers. After completing Gangstar Vegas, you may try another version called the Gangstar New Orleans. It also offers significant arsenals, hundreds of vehicles, a complete freedom when exploring the vast city and explosive actions. You claim your own luxurious private island and expand it into an ultimate complex. Collect dream cars, expensive boats and helicopters in your digital crime realm.

That’s it! Our best GTA-like Android games you should play right now. If you have got a favorite, then let us know in the comments below.