MySafetyNet App – Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet

Parents know how stressful it can be to keep your kids safe when they are spending time on the Internet, constantly wondering what they are doing on social media. There are a lot of danger on the Internet and as a parent you need help keeping your parent protected when surfing the web. We looked and we found the app for that. Read and learn more about MySafetyNet App.  

What is MySafetyNet App? 

MySafetyNet App is an online safety tool developed for IOS users, designed especially to keep kids and teens protected on the Internet. The app provides a shield of protection to your family and parents won’t have to worry when their kids are engaging on social media, giving you complete control over your child’s social networking at all times.  

Why Do We Love It? 

The app gives you all the safety and security you need as a parent to raise your kid in era of technology and smartphones. When your kid has the SafetyNet badge can send his/her unique identification number to the other person and the other person to verify their minor status needs to simply log in and send the badge request to the other person so the child can approve or reject the badge request.

Parents get a real time text message when two kids are connected with each other and will be able to check the gender and age of the connection. All personal identification information are kept confidential. It’s beneficial for both parents and teens, stopping predators, ending fake profiles, keeping kids safe and allowing parents to protect their kids. The app offers for a limited time only a free one year membership.  

Download the app now on App Store to keep your kids safe on the Internet! 

Official Website: MySafetyNet App  

App Store Download Link: MySafetyNet App