Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Is Probably Entering Production

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21

Previously, we heard that Samsung planned to merge the Galaxy S and Note series. Originally, the Note series was for smartphones with exceptionally large display. However, regular smartphones now have 6-inch display or larger. This makes Galaxy Note series less relevant than before. Because the Galaxy S21 may include S Pen stylus, the Note series will become redundant. To simplify the production and marketing process, it is quite logical to merge both series. Samsung’s next flagship is probably already entering production recently. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the best flagship that Samsung offers in 2021. According to reports, Samsung will be mass producing parts of the phone starting from November. It’s much earlier than previous Galaxy models, with initial production started in January, each year.

Samsung could be eager to release the Galaxy S21 Ultra, due to the weak sales of Galaxy S20. This situation also affects Apple. The global pandemic has reduced the purchasing power among consumers. They tend to hold on to their current smartphones, instead of buying a new one. Despite the slumping market, manufacturers need to regularly renew their catalogues with more advanced smartphone models. Recently, Huawei introduced its new flagship series, Mate 40. Although the phone may sell poorly outside China due to the absence of Google services, the Mate 40 shows gradual improvements. It is possible that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S21 as early as in January. Some even suggested that the unveiling event will be in December this year.

For consumers in China and the United States, the Galaxy S21 may have the brand-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 chipset. For the rest of the world, the phone will have Samsung’s own Exynos 2100. It may have One UI 3.1 interface on Android 11. Based on previous renders, it is possible that the phone will have a total of five cameras. The primary camera could be the impressive 180MP wide-angle sensor, but it’s also possible that the phone will still use 108MP sensor. Instead of using the 144Hz display, we may get 120Hz refresh rate. The minimum storage option is 128GB, which is enough for casual users. With 12GB of RAM, users can be confident to have enough resources for heavy multitasking task.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra may have a huge 6.9-inch AMOLED display, which will curve subtly on both sides. We should expect to get thinner chin and minimum bezels. The centered punch hole will serve as housing for the front-facing camera. Recently, this display design seems to be Samsung’s new signature look. If you are worried about the phone’s longevity, it’s a good thing to know that it will have 5,000mAh battery. Thanks to the more efficient chipset and the integrated 5G module, we could expect a satisfactory battery life. In terms of size, the Galaxy S21 Ultra could be slightly smaller compared to the current Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, the difference in dimension is insignificant and you won’t notice it. Like the S20 Ultra, the upcoming smartphone could be priced similarly at $1,299 during launch.