How To Increase The User Retention Rate?

If you have deployed your app in the AppStore, and getting a good response in the context, more and more people are showing interest and downloading your app. And you are assuming that this pile-up of downloading makes you more satisfied and provides comfort and gives you a vibe of a successful app? You are wrong! But why

When you consider an app to be successful you have to put into two metrics that are no downloads plus user retention.

But, what is user retention? It is not rocket science to understand user retention. It motivates users to utilize your app again and again without satisfying their needs or requirement. Most of the users, when uses the apps, uninstall it, and never go past through in the AppStore. Once you have availed the good retention rate towards your app, the more success your app would get worldwide.

 So, the signs you must be wondering is how to regain the user on our app again, once they are lost without features and functionality of the app?

  1. Convenient Onboarding Process:

Always remember the first impression is the last impression for your app. When a user sees your starting page of the app, most it would be login page, they didn’t want all complexities of registering a huge form as if we are admitting them to hospital. The more convenience we provide to users the more we get our mobile app marketing. It means more users come and retain our app.

 If you are interested to learn more about the onboard process, you can find much more detailed information here!

2. Relevancy

 Relevancy is the critical part. Most of the apps, provide plenty of information regarding offering overwhelmingly to users which is extremely wrong. Users don’t come on our platform for reading all sorts of stories that you put it, but they want relevancy. According to the stats, users gives 2-3 seconds to the app if they didn’t gain relevancy material according to their need and desire.

3/ Personalization Elements

Byword personalization it doesn’t mean we are talking about user personal intentions or data. Personalization in an app means, we have to involve all those graphical and text content, which should be minimum to satisfy any users. It is a concept of how your app would look like in the end. Personalization is the best way through which you can retain the users in your app.

4. Loyalty program & Rewards:

If you have heard of gamification, which means motivate users with extensive rewards so that they can participate in your app more vigorously? This the best concept which you should involve in your app, it not only helps users to retain your app but bring more and more users with a source of the loyalty program.

5. Two side Communication:

When users stuck or unable to find the basic info on your app, you have to provide a medium of communication in your app to satisfy their need and compliance