iPhone 12 Camera is Impossible to Repair by Third-Parties

iPhone 12 camera is impossible to repair

While Apple does create some of the most advanced electronic devices in the market, repairing these has always been an issue for users. Honestly, we only go to the Apple Store when it’s the last option. However, not long ago, we learned that Apple made it harder to change the battery in iPhones. And now, they won’t allow you to repair your iPhone 12 camera at a third-party store. Read on to know why the iPhone 12 camera is impossible to repair by third-parties now.

What Happens If you Swap Between the iPhone 12 Camera Modes?

iPhone 12 camera before and after swapping

After the launch of the iPhone XS and XR, users discovered that they can no longer change the battery without using System Configuration. This is an online tool Apple created for its own stores and authorized repair services.

Like most smartphones, iPhones should be designed to be opened and repaired by other parties, not only by Apple itself. Some critical components like the display and battery may get damaged. Therefore, Apple should make it more convenient for users to replace them. But, instead, they make it nearly impossible to fix these parts if they happen to be damaged.

According to YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys, you will come across some problems if you attempt to replace the camera in iPhone 12.

At first, your device will not turn on as usual after the replacement. Instead, you will need to use the charger to boost it up. Moreover, the camera appears to work on launch but fails miserably in actual use when transferred to another iPhone 12. Here are the errors we’ve encountered:

  • Refusing to switch to the ultrawide camera
  • Only responding to certain camera modes
  • Occasionally unresponsive

Even if this is just a bug, it’s still another reason to be concerned. In Apple’s internal training guides for the iPhone 12, Apple says that starting with the 12, authorized technicians will need to run the System Configuration app to fully repair cameras and screens.

Only Apple Can Repair the iPhone 12 Now

iPhone 12 camera is impossible to repair

After testing and comparing with multiple repair technicians, plus reviewing leaked Apple training documents, we’ve confirmed that the iPhone 12 camera is totally unreliable when swapped between iPhones by third-parties. Plus, Apple’s repair guide makes things clearer than ever. “By design or neglect, Apple is making it impossible to repair an iPhone without their blessing“.

Although Apple might fix this problem in the future, this hints that Apple is planning to lock out all unauthorized iPhone repairs. For some users, this could be a good move as it prevents them from losing money to some guys or scammers out there. However, Apple’s move could piss off those who don’t want to spend some extra cash at Apple’s Genius Bar or Authorized Repair Services.

The Bottom Line

Once again, Apple is putting yet another question mark on a main component of the iPhone. Why does a camera need to be authorized by Apple when we just need it to take pictures.

In addition, Apple also said in its recent environmental report that 76% of the emissions created by Apple products come from its manufacturing activities. And, they claim that making repairs more convenient and reliable is directly aligned with environmental goals. But, this iPhone 12 anti-repair design has proven that Apple is doing the opposite of what they say.

Let’s hope that Apple didn’t do this on purpose this time! Also, we think the only way to deal with this situation is to make sure that consumers have access to the same repair tools that Apple has. What do you think about this move? Let us know in the comments below.