“One More Thing”: Apple Confirmed another Event in 2020

One More Thing- Apple Confirmed another Event in 2020

Not long ago, we were introduced to a new Apple Watch and iPad Air. And, the last month’s “Hi, Speed” event saw the unveiling of the new iPhone 12 lineup. Now, we believe that that Apple will have another special event this November. Remember that Apple has never organized a November event before. Read on to know what is coming at the upcoming “One More Thing” event.

Apple November Event Details

As usual, Apple will stream its event live on Apple.com, YouTube, and Apple TV app at 10am (PDT).

Like the last two showcases, Apple has also created an augmented reality (AR) teaser for this November event. You can see it by visiting Apple’s event page. The teaser features a black Apple logo that opens and closes like a MacBook on a glowing rainbow background. Most people believe this could be an Easter egg for the launch of Apple silicon-based laptops.

While most people think the November event is all about new Macs, we believe there might be more. So, here’s what to expect from the “One More Thing” event:

First Apple Silicon Macs

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Apple introduces a new Mac on November 10. Earlier this year, Apple said it would move away from Intel processors, instead adopting its own custom Apple Silicon GPUs in future Macs. At that time, Apple also promised that its first Apple Silicon Mac would be released in 2020. Therefore, that is why people are expecting it to happen on November 10.

A recent report has suggested that the first ARM-based Mac will be a new version of the 13-inch MacBook, while others claim that would be a 16-inch MacBook Pro. What we know now is that the new MacBook processors are promised to deliver excellent battery life and faster performance. Plus, there is also a small possibility that we can see a Mac mini.


We’ve been waiting for the ‌AirTags‌ since 2019. And now, we could finally see them at this upcoming event. In case you don’t know, AirTags are Apple’s long-rumored Bluetooth trackers. These devices can attach to items like wallets or keys, letting users track them easily via Find My app. Also, the AirTags might feature Apple’s new Ultra Wideband chip like the one inside iPhone 12.

AirPods Studio

After removing Logitech, Sonos, and Bose audio gears from Apple Stores, it is very much evident that a new over-ear AirPods Studio might show up sooner than expected. Rumors suggest the new models will feature active noise cancellation technology and a transparency mode.

macOS Big Sur

This macOS update was first introduced at this year’s WWDC. Moreover, a beta version of Big Sur was also released recently, suggesting that the launch is very close now.

What are you most excited to see at this November event? Do you plan to upgrade your laptop with the first Apple Silicon Mac? Let us know in the comments!