What is Location-Based Mobile Advertising? What Does It Do?

If you look at small businesses around the globe, they were in a search of insert more traffic into their store or businesses. Therefore, thanks to mobile advertising, now small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) have a great opportunity to capture potential buyers, who come on the radar of their store.

What is Location-Based Mobile Advertising?

Location-based advertising (LBA) or Location-based mobile advertising gives the opportunity, to make variations in your app marketing strategy, to identify and capture the consumer needs geographically with the help of the message source.

What are location-based mobile advertising techniques?

There are various mob-based advertising techniques you can use and the most popular of them are listed below.

–        Hyper-Contextual Targeting: This technique utilizes the data meaningfully of users and through this data it offers a unique experience to the target members.

–        Geo-targeting: It uses the IP address of users and identifies the real-time location of users and supply data or ads accordingly.

–        Place-Based Targeting: It acquires a specific timeframe and sends ads to a certain or specific location. For example; sports-related ads.

–        Geo-fencing: If you a predefined target or radius set for your business, then the technique of advertisement would mostly be used to capture consumers’ attention.

–        Geo Conquesting: When the consumer is physically around your store, this method would engage them and provide precise information to make them loyal to your brand.

Why should you use location-based mobile advertising?

There are certain reasons which make you understand about using location-based mobile advertising.

– It is cost-effective compare to conventional ads.

– Survey shows that 66% of marketing agencies rely on this in 2016.

– Moreover, in the world, most people used smartphones, which means the majority of people have become more digitalized.

– Social media sites allow updating the status, story, location, tagging, and so on, which further makes this method suitable.

What are the advantages of location-based mobile advertising?

One of the common and most significant advantages of mobile advertising is that it offers precise information and news, regardless of time or place. Moreover, with prompt and instant feedback, you will get updated every time. 

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What are the disadvantages of location-based mobile advertising?

There are various advantages of mob ads, but you also don’t have to miss the disadvantages list as well.

– According to privacy issues and personal data, most people are scared and easily lose confidence in it.

– You might waste your huge amount in applying mobile advertising techniques.

– Sometimes, the location data becomes inconsistent and inaccurate due to VPN’s inability, which causes disruption and wastage of money.

Location-Based Marketing Examples

Examine the example to better understand location-based marketing.

– Coca-Cola: They utilize the bacon technique to engage consumers and wanted to interact with the brand.

–         Van Leeuwen: They uses clever procedure in determining the consumer’s location with the help of geo-targeting technique.

–         No Kid Hungry: They collected funds with the help of geolocation ad techniques, including well-known brands across the US.

–         Topshop: Topshop used a billboard marketing strategy to attract people’s attention with help of hashtags marketing tools.