Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra May Still Use 108MP Camera

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung will launch another flagship series next year and the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the top model of the Galaxy 21 series. The trusted leaker, Ice Universe, revealed recently that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have many similar photography capabilities.

It appears that Samsung will continue using the same 108MP primary camera for the Galaxy S21 Ultra with 0.8 micrometre pixels and HM3 CMOS. Although Samsung is working on a camera with larger resolution, the current 108MP sensor is already a practical solution. With further optimization, the photography performance of Galaxy S21 Ultra could be noticeably better. It is possible that there will be telephoto and ultra-wide sensors as well. Reports said that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a couple of telephoto sensors, one with 10x and another with 3x magnifications. The ToF (time-of-flight) sensor could be missing, but there would be a laser-based sensor. Galaxy S20 Ultra had problem with its focus system and a laser-based autofocus could permanently fix it. Based on tests, it appears that Samsung need to improve the post-processing capability to catch up with the photography performance of iPhone 12.

In another tweet, Ice Universe also mentioned that “the next Galaxy” will have smaller chin bezel. The iPhone 12 mini gets the praise for its ultra-slim bezels and the Galaxy S21 may also have the same design. If Samsung’s next flagship will also have 120Hz refresh rate and QHD display, it should have an impressive display. Normally, Samsung releases its flagship Galaxy S-series models in February, just like the current Galaxy S20. However, a leaked release date mentioned that Samsung will officially announce the new Galaxy S21 on mid-January instead. Early launch of Galaxy S21 will give Samsung a better position to respond to the newly announced iPhone 12 series. Apple’s new smartphone could become a big seller in 2021, thanks to its full 5G support and various size options. We can be sure about the existence of Galaxy S21 Ultra, due to the recent NFC certification, which tells us that the actual release date will be just a few months away. The Galaxy S21 Ultra with SM-G008U series number is indeed a real device.

We have also obtained additional information about the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It will have 5,000mAh battery and 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X. There’s also a suggestion that the display will have 144Hz refresh rate. Display with high refresh rate should work well with high performance chipset. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 SoC. If it’s able to generate more than 100fps, the display will be able to support that. Qualcomm’s chip will be available only for the US version of Galaxy S21 Ultra. For Europe, Far East and the rest of the world, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have Exynos 2100 SoC. Without doubt, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have the newest Android 11 operating system, probably with the One UI 3.0. The front-facing camera may have 40MP resolution, which more than enough for casual social media uses. With the inclusion of S Pen stylus, the Galaxy S21 Ultra could mark the termination of the Galaxy Note series,