Spotty Time – Manage your Family’s Screen time with Ease

spotty time

If you have a young family, you know just how hard it is to get them away from their device and spend quality family time together. I am guilty of it as well and tend to constantly check my phone when I should be concentrating on the family board game we planned a week ago. We always seem to have our phones within quick reach. It’s an unhealthy obsession and you can miss out on a lot and it can potentially ruin families.

Fortunately, apps like Spotty Time helps us resist that unhealthy urge and keeps us locked out of our phone at set periods of time.

The app works by allowing you to set screen time limits per day. The time limits are up to three hours at a time. During the locked period, Spotty Time will limit access to apps and some features. This helps because you know the phone is on a lockdown and there’s no point you even touching it. This way you can concentrate purely on playing football with your child or helping them with their homework without getting distracted. The set time limits are irreversible and not even a restart of the phone can change it. You can set time frames on all the other devices in your household.

Why it’s useful

– Get more family time spent offline
– Improve self-control
– Limit distractions
– Block addictive apps

You do get coins as a reward once you complete your time period. These coins can be used to spend on in-app rewards and customise the app with a number of different options. It is a fun way to keep yourself away from your device and also encourage your family to do the same. This way you don’t miss out on what’s going on in your family or friends life.

Spotty Time is available to download on Google Play Store.