DigiView – The Digital Platform for Marketing Content and Event Management

Taking the digital marketing of your business to the next level can be a time-consuming process. If you need help in managing and organizing your digital content, if you want to manage your events and members with ease and give your business the quality marketing it deserves, we found one app that offers you all that and more. Read and learn more about DigiView. 

What is DigiView? 

DigiView is an innovative digital engagement platform  that is developed for IOS users. Easy to use and intuitive, this app is offering you to create and share brochures in digital forms and to share event related content with your customers and clients. Create, share, and organize your content as you like with ease within this app and as a attendee make the most of each event you attend. 

Why Do We Love It?

DigiView offers businesses to share business brochures in digital form with clients. Create packets with over 25 different media elements, sharing and distributing them in real-time. Alerts your users of changes with push-notifications, set up drop campaigns and messages to users in a segmented list. Discovered packages can be stored and bookmarked and you can receive updates in the future. Event hosts using this platform can create a group to share content about their events and sponsors. Your attendees can create packets to network if you allow them and you can share their content.

Messages can be send to all or selected segment if your group users. Create sponsor levels and packages, live Booth and networking events as well as live broadcast events. Sell booths and manage the purchasing process as well as the e on-site event registration and speakers. Guests can be registered and checked-in with the app’s event registration feature. A real time dynamic media content can be shared with guests during and after events and guests can store and bookmarks packets, receiving updates in the future too. 

Download the app now on App Store to create brochures and share event content in digital form! 

App Store Download Link: DigiView