Apple is Developing a Foldable Device

foldable device

It’s not the first time we hear that Apple is working on a foldable device. However, we recently received a new detail that Apple’s upcoming foldable device will be equal to the iPad mini in terms of costs. The design of the device will be a cross between the iPad mini and the iPhone 12.

However, because the new foldable device will use iPadOS, we could see it as a foldable tablet. Previously, there were rumours that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone with continuous display design. Unlike Samsung’s current design, it won’t have a couple of separate displays. Because we could expect that Apple’s foldable device will have significant performance, we could see 256GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM for decent multitasking operations. Just like Samsung’s foldable device, we could also expect significant pricing. The base model of Apple’s foldable device will be around $1,500. As rumours are surfacing on the web, it is prudent to suspect that the Apple already fully develops the device. The actual date of release could be in November 2022. One thing for certain, Apple’s development effort is already in full swing and we have seen significant releases of new devices and components.

Recently, Apple introduced its new ARM-based M1 chipset for future Macs and MacBooks models. With octa-core CPU and octa-core GPU, the M1 chipset could execute about 11 trillion operations each second. Compared to previous processor generation for Macs and MacBooks, the M1 delivers 3.5 times faster CPU performance and 5 times GPU performance. It is also interesting to know that Apple promises that the upcoming M1-powered MacBook Air will have the most impressive battery life, compared to other MacBook models. As an example, for video playback, the M1-based Macs will offer 18 hours of battery life and for wireless web browsing, you will get 15 hours. The upcoming MacBook Pro will have significant security features for business professionals. As an example, it will get biometric protection with Touch ID sensor and there’s also the Secure Enclave feature. For easier connection to peripherals, there are a couple of Thunderbolt ports and support for USB 4 standards. So, it will be possible to connect new MacBooks with advanced devices, including the Apple Pro Display XDR with 6k resolution. Unfortunately, the One More Thing event put our hope for a foldable device in 2020 to rest.

 It is also interesting to know that Apple may discontinue its iPad Mini series and the foldable tablet will become the replacement. When being folded, the device will look like an iPhone, but it should work like any iPad when unfolded. When it comes to foldable device development, Apple is still behind Huawei and Samsung. But, we could be sure that once Apple introduces its first foldable device, this design will become the new standard in the industry. It means, more and more Android device manufacturers will release foldable devices to meet the new mainstream market demands. Apple may not be the pioneer of many latest mobile technologies, but the company will make them more mainstream.