Do You Really Have A ‘Smartphone’ Addiction?

Smartphone Addiction


You go down the street always looking at your smartphone, during a family meal you constantly consult it, meetings with your friends could almost be held in separate places because each one is glued to their own phone, you are more aware of comments on networks or groups of WhatsApp than what you are doing and you are more afraid of breaking your mobile than breaking your leg. Well, welcome to the present.

Young people are often criticized for being constantly glued to their smartphones. What if they are stuck, that if they do not do anything else, that if they are losing their lives … Anyway, they may or may not be right. Let’s see it:


Years ago, before the smartphone, women (yes, men, unfortunately, did not take care of these tasks) went to the river to wash their clothes. They even did it in the streets armed with basins and soap, rubbing their clothes on corrugated boards of wood. Centuries later, when the washing machine was invented, some would probably say that that was silly (why waste a fortune if you could wash it by hand!). Not to mention the loss of this wonderful social gathering of women chatting by the river.

When television reached homes, there were thousands of detractors who criticized what television could mean for family communication and leisure time: «People will no longer go out to see their friends because they will be watching TV! No more talking at meals because everyone will be watching TV!

With computers at home and access to the Internet, three-quarters of the same happened and with mobile phones, the same.

Points of view

But is it a lie what those technological voices say? Well, no. It is not. The truth is that that custom of washing clothes in the community was lost. Certain cultural issues that surrounded that habit were also lost, but in return, women gained freedom. They were able to have their time to do other things, and in health, because the hands of the washerwomen were cracked painfully. Probably the fauna and flora of the rivers would also have appreciated that they stopped spraying them with soaps and other products if it weren’t for the fact that the chemical spills from the industries destroyed everything in their path.

The people who clamoured against television were right in assuring that many families delegated the care of their children to this device or that intra-family communication would be reduced, but they forgot that the device in question was not to blame for the use that was given to it. And that is where we have to influence. According to professional ghostwriting company in the appropriate and inappropriate uses of technology that is made to improve our lives, but not to live it for us.

Logic above all

You have to know how to distinguish, therefore, between what all those people who always see the bad side of things and reality say, and this is that a smartphone is a tool with a tremendous utility that greatly facilitate our lives, they help us in the learning, they connect us with our friends and family from anywhere, they entertain us, they increase our security, they allow us to send our documents by email to any company in the world and thousands of other things. It is absurd to criticize that we use mobile phones a lot because they are good for everything: they are the best multipurpose knife that has ever been invented.

Another different thing is that we use them improperly. There is no such thing as an addiction to the smartphone, if you are still wondering, because addictions are situations that generate a serious disorder in people’s lives and that, when abandoned, create withdrawal syndromes and real physical and psychological problems.

What can happen with a smartphone is that we are using them to fill pre-existing deficiencies in our personality, which are the ones that must be treated; For example, a person with very low self-esteem may feel that they need to like and collect likes on their social networks. But the problem is not the smartphone, the problem is, as we said, self-esteem.

It may happen that we are so attached to the mobile that our performance drops in the studies, but the problem is again ours and not the smartphone. So check what is failing, why your studies are not motivating you enough and see what you can do to solve it, because one thing is clear: no matter how smart our phone is, it is not going to win the race for us, like this Let him put down the phone for a while and see what happens to you or check in your phone’s browser what you can do to improve.

Adapt to changes with Smartphone

Another issue that is criticized is that people spend more time taking photos of the sunset than enjoying it and things like that, but who says that is because they have not realized a couple of things: first, that it gives time to do everything, to take pictures in the sun and enjoy it, and, secondly, that each one enjoys as they wish. Who can assure that the pleasure is greater watching for twenty minutes at the sun descend over the horizon than looking at it for ten and spending another ten sharing the experience with friends? Everyone enjoys as they please and we should leave the others alone as long as they do not harm anyone.

The problem is actually that we don’t adapt well to changes when they happen so quickly. People get scared when they see that what they had learned and assumed as “normal” is no longer the case and they have to relearn and normalize concepts and ways of doing things that they did not have before; something that always generates conflicts. In a few years, according to the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, there will no longer be smartphones and everything will be done through virtual and augmented reality. You will see then what is going to fall on us: that if that is not the real world, that if we do not enjoy life … Anyway, the usual. We are animals of customs whether we like it or not (some more than others).