The Best Apps For College Students

The best apps for college students

Sometimes concentration fails, sometimes it is the will, sometimes it is because it is difficult for us to organize ourselves. The fact is that there are great apps to help you with all that.

Apps for sleepers

If you are one of those who say that they are going to get up early, but then you get stuck in bed hopelessly, here is the perfect solution to grab the morning by the tip. It turns out that they have created several ideal apps for you: I Can´t Wake Up or Sleep If You Can or whatever they will make you have to jump out of bed at your time, since to turn off the alarm they will force you to perform a series of tasks capable of waking up a freshly eaten koala.

Apps for the chaotic and forgetful

If you can’t organize your homework, you forget the deadlines for your work, you don’t know what day you live and you realize the day before the exam that you are missing notes, we want to tell you not to despair, the chaotic ones also deserve to take outstanding. Although to get them, you will have to install a program to help you with that.

The apps to organize the study are fantastic: in some you can make annotations by voice that are passed to text; When several activities coincide in a single day, they notify you first of the most important, they block notifications during study hours, they remind you of the classes you have each day, etc. Try My Study Life, Any. Do, Simple mind or Finish and you will see how your life becomes much easier at times.

Apps for mobile addicts

If you can’t leave your phone alone for 5 minutes and you even hear ghost vibrations when you have it in silence, there are several apps you can use.

Your study time is sacred, so install the psychological blackmail of Forest (where if you look at your mobile you kill the little tree that is growing in it), the Flip controller (which will block your social networks and you will not be able to unblock them easily) or the Check that, without blocking anything, will count all the times you check your mobile phone and will put it in large numbers so that you feel like the most miserable being on the face of the earth. Infect professional ghostwriting also more helpful for mobile addicts.

Apps as a study tool

If you want to share notes, do not send photos. Install Office Lens and scan your notes so they are instantly converted into Word or PDF files.

When you go to do group work, you will need Trello, an app with which you can assign tasks, share progress, etc.

If doing the bibliography of the works well brings you upside down, install EasyBib that does it only through your searches and, in addition, you can scan the books you use to include them as well. If you have already faced the creation of a work with extensive bibliography, you will know that this application is a dream come true.

GoConqr really helps you study: you will be able to see your mind maps and notes anywhere, it includes tests so that you can test your knowledge, so that you can interact with colleagues and you can do a collaborative study; it works offline and adapts to your needs to customize your studio (among many other things). A reef that any student should know.

If you are a university student and do not have the RAE app, you are wasting valuable time, and the same with Wikipedia.

You no longer have an excuse, procrastination is over!