Enjoy a New Empire Defense and Idle Tower Strategy Game in Grow Kingdom for iOS and Android

Idle games are a really popular genre in gaming with super simple mechanics where you just click, upgrade, and repeat. There are tons of these games available for smartphones and finding the right one is not easy. That’s why we looked and we found one mesmerizing empire defense and idle strategy game for you. Read and learn more about Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters.  

What is Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters? 

Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters is a mesmerizing empire defense and idle tower strategy game that is developed for IOS users. This game puts you in role of a king and you need to defend your tower in your kingdom with different assets available to help you. Manage your kingdom properly, become a leader, grow heroes and castles and defend your kingdom of the enemies.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This idle tower strategy game offers an exciting gameplay and variety of features to get you hooked to playing. You need to defend your kingdom and tower by using the right heroes, weapons, and armors of the powerful and deadly creatures trying to destroy your land. Discover powerful heroes and upgrade them by improving their health, attack speed, special attacks. Also grow and enhance the best of them to upgrade your troops. Use coins to purchase heroes and troops for your tower defense.

Collect weapons and armors by exploring the inventory and unlocking chests to create powerful troops and calvary for your unbeatable defense. Upgrade new talents that will reflect on your troops and help you in the tower defense. Build, grow, farm, and sell to build a great strategy in order to defend the tower and grow your heroes. To protect the tower from the attacks you will be able to upgrade the wall and buildings and get daily deals and winnings of free gold and gems. You can change the speed of the RPG game and switch to endless and hunt monster mode for more thrill. To controls your kingdom growth perfectly you can choose from 3 camera angles to enjoy the tower defense clashes in the game.  

Download the game now on App Store to defend your kingdom from the enemy’s attacks! 

App Store Download Link: Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters