Gamblers Are Turning to Smartphones – Why?

According to Statista, smartphone use for gambling is on the rise. As of a couple of years ago, 10% of people used their handsets for online gambling and betting purposes, while 5% preferred mobile devices such as a tablet. Although 15% doesn’t seem a lot when combined, it is when you factor in that there are 33.6 million active wagering accounts in the UK. As a result, five million people in the United Kingdom alone use their phones for placing bets, which is nearly 10% of the entire population. There’s no arguing that smartphones are rapidly becoming the method of choice for people who like to bet, but that makes the devices optimal?

Mobile Casinos Are on the Rise

The rise of mobile casinos is impressive. A decade ago, they lagged behind their land-based cousins. Today, their gross gambling yields stand at around £5.5 billion, or a third of the total revenues for the entire UK industry. Compared to traditional casinos, their digital counterparts turn over more than £4 billion in GGY. The trajectory of mobile establishments has several components, but the main one is how they optimise the experience for mobile devices. From slot machines to sports betting and bingo games, the products and services are easy to download via an app or to play online from anywhere. Expert Jon Bradley, speaking to The Mirror, believes the process is simpler than ever due to “the rise of smartphone technology.”

Gambling Participation Is Up

The number of people gambling has increased in almost every capacity in the past two to three years. For example, gambling participation in the UK is up to 45.8%, an increase of 1% from 2017. Mobile casinos play significant roles in the rise, but so does the volume of phones on the market. Not only are there almost 80 million mobile subscriptions in the UK, but one in five adults now spend over 40 hours a week online. As a result, the smartphone industry is due to hit £61.5 billion this year, and it shows no signs of stopping. When you consider the number of phones on the market, and how at least 15% of people use their handsets to gamble, the link between increased hardware and betting participation is clear.

Popular Institutions

The wagering industry is huge, which means there are tonnes of different markets and betting types for customers. In the UK, the favourites are by far the likes of the National Lottery, scratchcards, sports betting, and fruit or slot machines. The Lottery has a 29% participation rate, which is higher than any other form of gambling. Of course, as these become more accessible online – you can place sports bets, play bingo, spin the slots, and play the National Lottery with an internet connection – smartphones and mobile devices are bound to be platforms of choice. This is particularly true when you understand that desktop internet usage is down to 46.5%, 2% lower than the mobile market.

There’s no doubt that gamblers are turning to smartphones, and it’s due to the impact of mobile casinos, the increase in gambling participation and the accessibility of popular betting types.