Best iPhone Games for Busy People

The iPhone is the ideal platform for gaming on the go, but some experiences on offer require you to invest more of your precious time than others.

If you are too busy to get stuck into an all-consuming adventure or an additive online FPS, here are just a few examples of iPhone games that you can dip into for shorter play sessions and still have fun when you have a moment to spare.

The Room: Old Sins

The latest and greatest entry in this long-running series of puzzle titles from developer Fireproof Games, The Room: Old Sins is the perfect mix of pick-up-and-play and immersive, atmospheric experience.

The intricate and interconnected nature of the puzzles it proffers up will keep you playing, but since it saves your progress after every forward step you take towards the overall solution, you can pick it up for a few minutes between meetings or while waiting for the bus and still get a kick out of putting your grey matter to the test.


There are plenty of gambling operators with iPhone apps, but Casumo casino is arguably the best of the bunch, thanks to a combination of uniquely cute branding, smooth software operation and sheer variety.

With thousands of slot games to play, in addition to live casino games, sports betting and digital interpretations of classic table games, you can play bite-sized sessions of whatever catches your eye, all under one roof.

Summer Catchers

The endless runner genre of mobile game has become one of the most popular on iPhone in the past decade, but this also means there is a lot of choice and a whole heap of fairly similar titles out there, both thematically and mechanically.

Summer Catchers stands out from the crowd in both respects, thanks to its clever use of power-ups and the way these work in combination with the various obstacles you face. Mixed in with a charming retro aesthetic, this is a casual game that has a lot of heart.

Word Forward

Word games are another big seller on iPhone, and if you have had your fill of Scrabble knock-offs, then Word Forward could be the ideal antidote to your commuter boredom.

The aim of the game is to clear a grid of tiles by connecting them to make words of at least three letters in length.

It sounds simple, but gets more complex as you realise that not every combination is the right one, and sometimes going for the most obscure and long word is not the best strategy.

Octagon 2

If you prefer frenetic action and precise controls to more relaxed iPhone games, Octagon 2 could be for you.

The levels may be randomly generated every time you play, but you get to repeat them until you master them if you wish, or refresh them to try out a new challenge if you get bored or have to press pause on your play session because something else comes up.


One of the most enduring spin-offs from the Warcraft universe, Hearthstone has been around since 2014 and is definitely worth diving into today thanks to a raft of new features that have been added by the developers at Blizzard in the last 12 months or so. With a typical game lasting between 5 and 10 minutes, it should not monopolise your time too much if you have other responsibilities on your plate. Of course, if you want to keep playing this collectable card title, with its turn-based strategic gameplay and a healthy dose of randomness thrown in, then this is always an option!