Bingo on the Small screen


As the online Bingo phenomenon continues to dominate the online gaming world. You’ll also find that the classic game has crept its way onto our tv screens. Whether it be in the form of gameshows or comedic impressions, our love of Bingo is reflected in our favourite shows. And what’s better to get you in the mood for your own lucrative game, than watching other people have a go!

Bob’s Full House

Between 1984 and 1990, Bob’s Full House dominated our television screens. First appearing on BBC One, but soon going international, with Germany, Finland, Portugal, Greece and the USA all producing their own versions of the show. The very premise of this show was taken directly from Bingo, with four players being given separate numbered cards each, displayed on a screen. They then have to answer questions currently to light up, or cross off, their numbers.

The game plays out in rounds, similar to the way that Bingo prizes operate by line – in round one the players can light up each corner; in round two they have the chance to light up their middle column; and in round three, they’ll battle it out to light up those last boxes, in order to bag the full house! Players would get a prize if they were first to reach the milestone in reach round, running parallel with the one line and two-line rewards you see with traditional Bingo.

Lucky Numbers

Here we have another Bingo-based gameshow, that took inspiration from Bob’s Full House, and aired on ITV between 1995 and 1997. The show was presented by Shane Richie, a well-known soap actor who previously made a living as a Bingo caller. Much like the previous television show, the players were given electronic Bingo cards, the aim being to answer questions correctly and light up each numbered square. The rounds were also the same, emulating how a game of Bingo tends to reward wins. The final round in Lucky Numbers required the winning player to gamble however much they wanted to wager on a five-in-a-row 25-square game board, for the chance to multiply their prize.

Bad Grandpa

In 2013, the Jackass squad came out with the well-received Bad Grandpa, filling every moment with stunts and pranks designed to shock audiences. Johnny Knoxville stars as Irving Zisman, and, in one of the most famous scenes, he runs amuck at a local Bingo hall. Here we still how seriously players take the game, as there’s almost a riot when Knoxville’s character begins drinking the Bingo marker fluid and talking over the caller! As Bingo is a game that’s run by someone shouting out rhymes alongside the numbers, keeping quiet is a given! You don’t want to miss an all-important number, after all. If anything, Bad Grandpa shows you exactly what not to do, when playing Bingo.

Now, if that doesn’t make you want to grab a piece of the action for yourself, then we don’t know what will! If Bingo is exciting enough to make it onto the tv, then it’s got to be good enough to play online in your own home – so, what are you waiting for?