Homepage the Smart Way to Update your Contact List – Review

Notifying people that your contacts have changed can be time-consuming and difficult. You will have to let each individual know that your number, email or social media links have changed. Your contacts might have also changed their details and it always seems to be the time when something important needs to be discussed. Homepage app solves this problem by allowing you to update your contact on the Homepage cloud, it’s then easily accessible by people your choose to see it. So you, close friends, family and work colleagues will be able to see your updated contact. So no need to worry about the important people losing contact with you.

Homepage allows you to have two tiers of users that you can share with. ‘Connections’ are friends and families that you are close to and ‘Contacts’ have limited access to your information. You also get a personalized QR code which makes it even easier to share your information.

Homepage offers a great way to stay in touch. There is also a messaging service available within the app that allows you to start conversations and share photos, videos, and instant updates to just your connections and not your entire contact list. With the messaging section of the app, you can flag and delete conversations from your phone and from the phone of the person you sent the message. Homepage is totally different from just handing out a business card. They can be lost and again, the update will not be live.

The app is the best way to stay connected, and it makes keeping in touch a lot easier. The convenience of the app puts it on my list of downloads for 2020.

Homepage is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. You can get more information about the app on their website https://homepageapp.com/