How 120 Hz Smartphones are grabbing the market

The refresh rate has become a really important specification I all the mobile phones these days, as a very little range of Mobile phones have launched this much high of the refresh rate in the Mobile phones, a lot of people are expecting this refresh rate in other Company’s mobile phones as well.

The first phone coming up with a 12oHz display or refresh rate was the Oneplus seven pro. The phone had started to grab the market, and people’s attention, because of a very high refresh rate, the refresh rate basically allows the phone to work on a higher speed, without lagging and hanging. 

12oHz of the refresh rate has many other important features too, and it is the best display smartphone which makes a mobile phone worth buying.

Phones are having the 120Hz of the refresh rate!

The first phone to be launched with a refresh rate of 120Hz was in the year 2019, and after that people kept demanding of more phones with this much of refresh rates, since 2020, there are many phones now, with a refresh rate of 120Hz or even higher than that.

The smartphones with refresh rates of 120 Hz, they are smooth in their touch system, and the overall functioning as well, the animations and the display is appeared to be more rendered and clearer, the phone seems more responsive and works with a high speed than that of 90 Hz phone and a 60 Hz phone.

120Hz smartphones are also available at reasonable prices and perfect conditions. There are different online stores that provide us with the best 120Hz smartphones online.

Samsung Galaxy s20 series

There are two types of refresh rates in the Samsung s20 series mobile phones, there is 60Hz, and then there is 120 Hz Refresh rate option in the Samsung s20 series of the mobile phones when it works with the 60Hz refresh rate,

Its Animation and the display is quite normal and fine, but when it works with 120Hz of its refresh rate, it becomes more smooth and faster in use, with a clearer display and animations on the screen.

Asus ROG phone 3

Asus is one of the latest mobile companies and is really amazing in its functioning and overall featuring. This Phone Asus ROG phone 3 has a more refresh rate than that of the other phones having 120 Hz.

This phone has a refresh rate of 144Hz, and it works on an amazing super- fast speed, having an amazing display with the clearest animations, and its overall performance is superb.

There is one more hidden feature in this phone that it also offers an option of using 160Hz of the refresh rate. This phone has amazing features, overall with a perfect speed too.

OnePlus 8 pro

OnePlus is one of the most popular and trending Mobile phone company these days, having the perfect mobile phones, with amazing display and features. This phone also supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

And it has an absolute amazing screen display with a superb clear animation inside the phone, it works with a great speed and also is really high on demand these days.

Realme X3 superzoom

Realme X3 superzoom Mobile phone is a phone launched in the month of May in the year 2020, it has many advanced features on this phone, though realme is one of the latest launched companies. But this Company has invented this Realme X3 superzoom Mobile phone, which supports the refresh rate of 120 Hz, which makes it work on a very high and smooth speed, with a smoother sense of touch, and advanced features of display and Animation. A Smartphone working with a refresh rate of 120 Hz works with a really good speed, and amazing functioning and featuring.