How to Choose The Best Game Controller for Your Android Smartphone?


Playing fast-moving games on touchscreen display doesn’t provide the best experience. Well-designed controllers can be connected with Android smartphone and making it fun for you to play any game. If you are planning to purchase a controller, here are a few things to consider.

Design: Choosing the right design could depend on your personal preferences. You may want controller with modern design, but other people want to be nostalgic. There are models that look similar to the original SNES controller. It definitely looks great for any old-school gamer.  

Integration: Some controllers provide better integration with existing services. As an example, some models are well optimized for Xbox Cloud Gaming service. This will ensure better performance with Android smartphone. You only need to push a few buttons to enable the feature.

Better Grip: If you love playing games for a long time, it is better to choose controllers that offer better grip. If your controller is too small for your large hands, you will feel uncomfortable or sore when playing a game. Some controllers have ergonomic grip, 6-axis motion sensor and adjustable triggers for better experience.

Connection: Game controller can be connected directly with the smartphone. However, for more flexibility, you choose controller with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to play game without thinking about cables or having the smartphone attached directly to the controller. However, because you use Bluetooth connection, there could be possible issues with lag and latency.


If you already have a DualSense for PS5, it is also possible to connect it with your Android smartphone. This will be very convenient if you are planning to stream PS5 game to your smartphone and play with it. Before connecting DualSense to your smartphone, make sure to remove connection between the PS5 and the DualSense . Also, be sure that you have powered off the controller. Enable the pairing mode of the controller. Hold down the Playstation and share buttons at the same time. After a few seconds, the lights should turn blue and this indicates your controller is looking for a Bluetooth-capable device. It’s time to enable the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone and pair it with the DualSense controller. Look for the DualSense controller on your Bluetooth pairing screen and after a proper pairing, you should be able to use the DualSense to play any game, including native Android games. However, no Android game can take advantage the adaptive triggers and haptic sensors of DualSense, because developers haven’t thought about that yet.

It should be real fun to play your Android games with the controller attached. Many people are playing old console games with the Android smartphone. From the classic Mario Bros of NES console to graphically-rich PSP games, you can play them all through smartphone and the external controller. You shouldn’t pass the opportunity of having so much fun on Android smartphone. There are many controllers that you can find in the market. They are quite affordable and it makes sense to consider buying one.