Ping IM – Encrypt Messages for a Private Communication

Messaging apps provide an easy service to communicate. However, you need to be sure whether the app guards your privacy.

In case you need an app for private messaging, be sure to read more about Ping IM.

What is Ping IM? 

Ping IM is a communication app developed for IOS users, focused on user-privacy. Send encrypted messages that will only be readable by the intended recipient. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface, this encrypted chat app allows you to enjoy a secure communication. Chat and keep your messages completely private.

Why Do We Love This Messaging App? 

This messaging app offers features that guarantee highly private messaging. Send end-to-end encrypted messages. So, when your messages are fully consumed by the recipient, they are deleted. Connect without using phone numbers, email addresses or social network logins. The message screen is especially designed for you hide images from people around.

Ping IM offers a Plus version for hiding contacts along with notifications and messages with passcodes. Also, using passcodes will allow you to temporarily peek into messages. Use the Plus version in order to cover contact IDs. Share unlimited images with a strong end-to-end encryption.  

Download the app now on App Store to encrypt messages and communicate in privacy! 

App Store Download Link: Ping IM