aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad is Perfect for everyday travel

There are many wireless charging pads out there and choosing a suitable one could be challenging. With an increasing number of smartphone models supporting wireless charging, this market niche has become competitive. Today, wireless charging pads for smartphones are the rage. Wireless charging pads can be made of fabric, leather or plastic, depending on the manufacturer. If you are looking for a wireless charging pad, here are reasons to consider the aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad:

Qi wireless standard

Qi is a commonly accepted standard for iPhone and many compatible Android devices. The Wireless Power Consortium developed the standard to make it easier for users to charge their devices. aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad is fully compliant to the Qi standard.

Output power

There are different power levels that wireless charging pads could deliver to ensure proper performance. The output depends on the values of voltage and current. The aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad has 5V of DC voltage and 1800mAh of current. This is equal to 9W of power, which is quite decent if you want to charge your smartphone overnight. Due to its relatively lower output, the aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad shouldn’t produce too much heat. It’s quite normal for this wireless charging pad to get a bit warm, but it shouldn’t be exceptionally hot. It has a number of mechanisms that prevent the charging pad from getting overheated and damaged as a result. The aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad includes a UK mains plug for extra convenience and you can keep your phone charged all day long. There’s also a one-metre USB cable, which you can connect it to the USB port of your car for quick wireless charging of your smartphone.  


The aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad allows you to place it in different areas of your home, including your kitchen, bedroom and living room. Because it requires 5V DC input, you can place it inside your car, which further increases its usability. With its small size, the wireless charger can go nicely in your dashboard. With its excellent build quality, the aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad could withstand an accidental splash of water, if you use it in the kitchen. Measuring at 72 mm wide, 95 mm long and 7.3 mm thick, it is slim enough in many situations. You can put the charger in your bag or pocket easily. Its very light and weight about 45 grams.

Overall, the aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad is easy to use, you can place it in any area in your home. With its simple and clean design, the wireless charger has a stylish appearance. The durable construction and decent waterproofing should ensure that the wireless charger lasts longer. It has a soft rubber ring to increase the surface friction and keep your smartphone in place. The versatile black finish should be suitable for any environment. For added portability and efficient space utilization, the wireless slimline design makes it perfect to carry everywhere.

The aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless charging pad is available on for only £29.99.