Lafiya – The Online and Digital Healthcare Platform

Bringing healthcare for everyone, at any time.

The usage of mobile apps in healthcare has skyrocketed. So, if you worry how safe are these apps and if you can trust that you’ll get professional services on them, we looked and we found the digital healthcare platform for you.

What is Lafiya? 

Lafiya is an online and digital healthcare platform that is developed for IOS users. It’s suitable for clients in Nigeria and Africa, offering on-demand 24/7 health services. The health app is bringing healthcare for everyone, everywhere, any time. With an integrated ecosystem, this health platform instantly connects you with a certified doctor or pharmacist for one-on-one consultant sessions and services.  

Why Do We Love It? 

Focused on patient-centered telecare models, the medical platform integrates the latest technological trends no matter your financial state. You will get high-quality audio and video conversations with clarity and richness with secure and encrypted passwords between you and the doctor.  

Receive the care you need over video calls with an online doctor. Also, you can get on-demand appointment video, audio, or chat meeting with healthcare professionals. Instant treatment plan and digital prescriptions will be sent to a local pharmacy near you as well as instant access to AI doctor for medical guidance too. Instantly book appointments with the best doctors. Also get instant access to healthcare specialists 24/7. Ask any personal health question and receive an online consultation within a minute.  

As a doctor, use the healthcare platform to offer the convenience of telehealth visits to your patients.  Set your profile easily and access requests of patients via video and audio calls. Write prescriptions and notes from anywhere you want. Offer online care with follow up treatment plans, referrals and tests to patients as well. You can do it all from wherever you are, whenever patients need your services. All the communications are end-to-end digitally encrypted for privacy and security.  

Download the app now on App Store  to receive healthcare services on-demand 24/7! 

Official Website: Lafiya  

App Store Download Link: Lafiya