Bestyn Review – Stay Connected with Your Neighbors

People are always looking for ways to connect and network with each other.

So, in this digital age if you are looking for the best social network to stay connected within your local community, we have the app for you. Read more about Bestyn.  

What is Bestyn? 

Bestyn is a social platform that is developed for IOS users. If you are looking to connect with people near you or promote local events to them, this app can help. Intuitive and simple, this social network offers you to stay in touch with neighbors. You can share updates, ask for help or anything that involves your local community. Never miss local events and discuss important matters with your neighbors.  

Bestyn Review: Why Do We Love It? 

On this social network you get many features to help you stay connected with neighbors. You will get fresh news-feed from different categories to stay updated. Also, you can share your own updates regarding news and events with others. Share post offers and deals with people around you as well.  

Build a business profile within the network to grow your business. This social app will help you find the best product and service deals from businesses nearby too. Discover birthday parties and all upcoming local events in one place. With the in-app messenger available you get to chat with your neighbors too.  

Receive timely updates and alerts about events, crimes and any other suspicious activity in your community. Also, while doing the Bestyn review we discovered that you can use the GPS location feature to know where exactly you are and where other people are as well.  

At the end of the day, this is a truly hand local community app that may improve the quality of your social life and networking in your community. Download the app now on App Store to stay connected with your neighbors! 

Official Website: Bestyn  

App Store Download Link: Bestyn