Dino Terror – The Impossible Escape Strategy Game

Escape games are quite popular both in real life and as smartphone games too. These games are thrilling and will make you strategize to find your way out and survive the terrors.

So, we looked and we found the game for you. Read more about Dino Terror.  

What is Dino Terror? 

Dino Terror is an impossible escape strategy game that is developed for IOS users. It’s a simple, easy and intuitive dinosaur adventure game with interactive joystick controls. Your task in this escape game is to find your way out of the laboratory and escape the terrifying dinosaur. Put your skills on the test, make no noise and escape the attack. 

Why Do We Love It? 

Featuring an intuitive play, this escape room style game will challenge your skills. Move slowly and silently and find your way to the exit gate. Find new rooms to hide by putting your hand on the scanner. With the intuitive joystick controls, you get to move to all directions and view the room from all angles too. 

You get 5 lives so try to survive the dinosaur attack. In this impossible escape game, a big and deadly creature is ready to kill you. Also, to make the game even more immersive you get to enjoy interactive sound effects and realistic graphics. 

Stay alerted of the dinosaur attacks and all the possible escape routes as well. Hide in beds and habits and stay stealthy whenever you hear the dinosaurs’ footsteps. Complete the horror adventure, survive the attacks and find your way out.  

Download the game now on App Store to escape and survive the dinosaur attacks! 

App Store Download Link: Dino Terror