What We Know So Far About iPhone 13?

iphone 13

 The iPhone 12 is quite impressive with its excellent camera, bright display, fast performance and sleek design. It has become quite a hit in 2020, despite the ongoing pandemic. Apple will continue to release its next smartphone, the iPhone 13. At the moment, we have heard quite a few things about Apple’s next flagship. Fans were a bit disappointed that the iPhone 12 doesn’t have display with fast refresh rate. There’s a rumour that the future iPhone will have display with 120Hz ProMotion technology. Combined with the high-performance processor and GPU, the iPhone 13 may finally offer super-slick interface navigation, movie playback and gaming experience. Based on South Korean media, the iPhone 13 will also have four models and two of them with LPTO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) display. This technology is a requirement for 120Hz refresh rate and it could be provided by LG or Samsung. The 2020 model of iPad Pro already has such display. It does allow for very smooth animations, navigational scrolling and gaming. Apple Pencil feels more accurate when used on the new iPad Pro and with the latest advances in the smartphone industry, it is understandable if Apple wants to keep up with its competitors.

iphone 13

It is a no brainer that Apple adds the ProMotion feature for the iPhone 13. If there are advanced technological implementations that Apple currently has, the future iPhone will get them. To be specific, we will see these technologies mostly in the Pro and Pro Max versions of iPhone 13. As an example, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is currently popular smartphone among photography enthusiasts. It is not known whether the ProMotion will be available only on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but we could be hopeful that it will be the standard feature of all future iPhone models.

The slick display technology won’t be the only thing that the iPhone 13 will get. We also hear that the iPhone 13 will also have the new wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6E. It should have improved wireless performance and can efficiently handle wireless traffic. Wi-Fi 6E works at 6GHz frequency that can ensure faster connections. The higher bandwidth should allow iPhone 13 users to implement various technology, including augmented reality. Intel said that Wi-Fi 6E will become a new standard in 2021. Throughout the next year, we would see more smartphone models with Wi-Fi 6E standard. Another small detail is that the future iPhone will have a more improved power conversion module, made by Cirrus Logic. A bigger iPhone SE model will also arrive in 2021 and it’s likely to be available in latter months of the year.

Regardless of the features, the future iPhone should be an impressive piece of device with amazing new features and amazing performance. Any Apple fan should pay attention to latest updates about the iPhone 13 and consider whether they should purchase this new device. Although the future iPhone can be quite expensive, it should provide among the best features in the market.