Best Tips and Tricks for Your New iPhone

iphone 12

If you have a brand-new iPhone with the latest iOS version, you need to take a full advantage of them. With certain modifications and changes, your new iPhone will be more functional and convenient to use. Here are a few tips and tricks to try with your new iPhone.

Change the default email app and browser

 The Mail app and Safari are functional for their purposes, but you may prefer other apps. Some companies have dedicated email client app for iPhone to ensure smoother communication between co-workers. If you want to choose Chrome as default web browser, download it from the App Store. Go to iPhone Settings and look for Chrome browser in the list. Tap and set it as default browser. If you want to use a third-part email client app, go to Settings and look for the name of the email app. Set it as the default email app for your iPhone.

Send newly installed apps to App Library

When you install a new app, it will appear on the home screen. It is now possible to send the new app to the App Library to avoid making your home screen cluttered. Go to Settings> Home Screen. Look for “Newly downloaded apps” and choose “App Library only”. It won’t be necessary to declutter your iPhone’s homescreen regularly.

Add widgets

You may have important widgets to add on the iPhone homescreen, like weather, stock price updates and email. With iOS 14, you can customize the homescreen better by adding widgets that you want. Long press on an empty area on the homescreen. A plus sign will appear and you need to tap it. Add any widget that you want, depending on the apps that you’ve installed. Choose the size of the widget, so you can still easily read the real-time content of widget without cluttering the homescreen. If you want to have multiple widgets displayed, it is a good idea to use smart stack. It allows you to scroll through widgets without wasting valuable space on the homescreen. Just drag a widget to another widget, so they will create a stack. Add more widgets to the stack if you need them.

Enable Eye Contact

If you use Facetime often, it’s a good idea to enable the Eye Contact. This makes as if you are looking at the person, although you look at the screen, not the front-facing camera. Go to Settings> Facetime and enable Eye Contact. This should make the Facetime conversation feels more natural.

Take screenshot with back tap

If you regularly take screenshots of the iPhone display, it is a good idea to find an easy to way to do that. With the iOS 14, you can tap the back of the device to do certain functions, including taking screenshots. Go to Settings> Accessibility and choose Touch. Scroll down and look for Back Tap. You can define whether you want to double or triple tap the back of the iPhone to take a screenshot.